End of an Era, Part 14

End of an Era, Part 1

This Juneteenth, we celebrate.

Are ganking days over forever?

Wow! A new Uedama alltime record!

We now return to our regularly scheduled content.

The miners united against us.

They didn’t want to pay.

They had nothing to offer.

Just the news.

You don’t say?

Miners don’t like to pay.

Will FBI tactics work in EvE Online?

Would ISIS Safety just go away?

They tried to stay positive.

The FBI really inspired them.

Well, ok then.

We needed a new plan.

Indeed, this focus was different.

We definitely said thank you…

We were very encouraged.

Someone paid, didn’t they?

Oh yes, that’s right.

How much?

35 billion isk, or mom dies.

They paid 35b, to PvE in Highsec, for one week.

To be continued…

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