Burn Jita!

Well, tornado season is finally over.

Oh nice, coercers are coming back.

Wait, what?

So it’s a battleship, and a freighter. Does it also mine?

Yep, it’s a carebear ship…

Everybody values ganking, but…

The losers also want to be invincible.

They don’t like PvP.

They only want infinite hitpoints.

Ganking is just too easy!

Garrr, guankers, hathathat.

Every impotent miner yearns for revenge.

Unfortunately, for bears, not everyone agrees.

Miners are bad at economics.

Most people are idiots.

Here’s how we will respond.

We’ll just haul for free, with AFK and autopilot.

PushX and Red Frog will go out of business.

Yah, for real.

Take that ship to lowsec.

Bro, it’s just broken.


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