Still Here

Listening to: 2Pac


Hey there.

Welcome to EvE Online.

In this game, you make your own fate.

I fly with the N.I.G.G.A CODE. SAFET crew.

That’s right. OHGOD <-just take a look


It’s not racist, according to 2pac himself.

It’d be more racist to let White progressive activists dictate language. If a Black rapper says that word isn’t racist, and he wants everyone to say it, then who am I to disagree? Who are you? Wow, who knew this blog would offer such a powerful learning moment?

o*=Thoughtful and Nuanced=*o

Like, for real yo. You can buy it on Amazon.

Some people choose to be miners.

Other people choose something else.

This could be your perspective.

However, my perspective is much better.

You know what I mean?

Why won’t anybody stop me?

I guess I’m just better than the rest.


I love taking out the trash!

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