Oh, it’s you again?

My email gets a lot of spam.

Yes, that Ward.

EVE has endless cringe drama.

When I kicked Ward out of CODE. with the blessing of James 315, I only did it because I didn’t want to be in the same alliance. No thanks!

Like, really?

Apparently, Ward didn’t biomass.

So now I’m getting more insane rants.

That’s right. James 315 was bullied out of the game, by Ward.

So now you know, the rest of the story.

Ward, I’m sorry, you aren’t even interesting enough for a full post. It’s just like yikes, like omg stop mailing me. Like wow, like how are you still like writing emails at me?

Let’s check out some ok quality salt.

Arkan Soikutsu is a born again miner.

Was that an un-ironic grrrrr?

Arkan Soikutsu > christianity says not to killl………….
Aiko Danuja > You broke the 10 commandments
Aiko Danuja > The wages of sin are DEATH
Arkan Soikutsu > so did you ?
Aiko Danuja > I am without sin, a virgin and chaste.
Radar-FTL Interlink Communicator > filthy miners will meet justice
Aiko Danuja > Pay unto Radar-FTL Interlink Communicator what is Radar-FTL Interlink Communicator’s – this is written in the Bible.

Every now and again, we meet an unrepentant miner.

They are salty with the tears of Christ.

What a great game!

As for Ward… I know you are reading this. Please, just be honest with yourself, and review the email I sent you literally years ago.

It’s been memorable, that’s for sure.

Happy New Year!

Yah, you’ve sure changed a lot…

That’s right.

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