If you have official private communications for the CODE. alliance (not for me), feel free to contact Aiko, and I will summarize for James 315. Such manifestos are typically rambling and incoherent, but I’ll highlight the best part.

Ok! This is a common trait.

Likewise, Coach Subway is back, and he is not easily embarrassed either.

I’m sure glad to be in my alliance.

It feels pretty darn good.

Of course, things could be better.

Those who know me, are aware I’m a little disappointed with how some people are choosing to spend their time in this alliance.

It’s most disappointing. I shall have to go all out on some modifications. However, I am proud of myself, and those of you who are doing good work. Lately, I’m thinking of Gurt, Barnes, and Aveve. If I had a hat, I’d tip it.

Someday, I will look back on this, as our era of trials and tribulations, when we had to endure every humiliation and disgrace. People thought we weren’t a real alliance, just a carboncopy of a silly meme from 2012. Apparently, there are those who just value their secret nullsec operation a little more than our unimportant Highsec alliance. All of these people will fall in line, or they will be gnashing their teeth.

CODE. always had this same problem. Some people, it seems, just don’t take pride in their alliance, because their main isn’t even it. They’ve got some other alliance, that they value more. Isn’t that right?

We will defeat the carebears. All of them.

It’s my birthright.

Oh yes, Vily. I’ll keep you nice and SAFE.

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