Highsec Miner Grab Bag #219

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Highsec Miner Grab Bag #218

Oh boy, I love Grab Bag time.

It’s always fun.

Some miners like animals.

Some bears just don’t care.

They do, but they don’t.

Doblauks know what will happen, and they just accept it. Such miners are like Seligman’s dogs, exposed to prolonged electrical torture, and they will never escape their learned helplessness. They have become NPC bots.

Jean Mira‘s killboard is a museum of CODE. history. I’ve ganked him several times, and just about everybody dunked him.

Ah, the memories…

Some things just never change.

 I’ve always been super popular.


I sincerely want to help.

I know what crabs want.

I’m a beautiful woman…

…and a true Princess, fair and just.

I’m also super hot…

…and soo cute.

James loves me so much.

Everybody loves me…

…and I love their attention…

…which they love to give.


I totally deserve a trophy, right?

I’m the best!



Imperium News recently published a terrible article on ganking. Unfortunately, Jurius Doctor didn’t do his homework. I was there when Jurius watched a Bowhead die. He spoke with the miner, but didn’t talk to us? What a lazy journalist!

“When does griefing go too far and start hurting the livelihood and growth prospects of a game?”

I’m not going to waste time, with a point-by-point rebuttal of this inane article, but the author makes a lot of ignorant claims and erroneous assumptions. Did you know that ganking is just a roleplay outlet for rookie griefers? Did you know that mining permits aren’t necessary? Did you know that Goonswarm is way better at ganking, for some mysterious reason? Did you know that ‘Goonswarm’ has recently been able to muster large fleets, with more than ninety gankers? Jurius clearly has no idea what is going on.

“The reason for this is numbers… GSF is able to field ships in numbers.”

Jurius concludes that Goonswarm should seek to earn isk by ganking, but it’s too easy, so freighters should have twice as many hitpoints!

“Just EHP buff the shit out of haulers, transport vessels, and freighters…”

What a goofus! 

“…so that the markets don’t entirely buckle, while presenting a tougher nut to crack for those who want high-sec PVP.”

I interviewed the big strong alpha males, with whom I have an intimate relationship, and here is what they had to say about Jurius’ article. 


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