Mean Man Vale

Recently, I was out dunking sad little Ventures, when I came across a mining Tayra. I naturally checked for a permit, and was thoroughly disappointed to realize that Vale Toralen is a common ore thief. I waited patiently for him to acknowledge me in local chat, but he was AFK, in violation of the CODE.

When he woke up, Vale wanted to discuss his feelings.

After this abusive tirade, everyone rushed to console me.

Meanwhile, Vale began to write me.

He’s gonna sell my killright, IRL.

Apparently, I ruined his empire.

He will send CONCORD after me, and all my friends!

He’s gonna report me, and I will be banned!

Does he even know who I am?

He is serious, with a powerful main!

I tried to help him calm down.

He is sending 100 alts after me, a teenage girl!

He’s also selling my info!

Hold on now, is he threatening me?

I think he likes me.


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