Cersei shot a miner.

An alt was apparently aggrieved.

This miner doesn’t like Cersei, or me.

He knew Cersei was either old…

…or young?

Regardless, he questioned her virgin honour.

Does EVE Online have any fair fights?

Why doesn’t Cersei go back to nullsec?

Why would anyone want to shoot Highsec miners?

The miner was beginning to contemplate his loss.

Perhaps Cersei offers SRP?

The miner was willing to negotiate.

However, Cersei had a tough counter-offer.

The situation was bleak.

It was time for threats.

It was time to get serious.

This is why we shoot miners.

This is the content they deserve.

Also, it’s kind of amusing.

The miners seem to enjoy it.

They just need a friend.

Someone who can help them stay calm.

07 James 315, wherever you are.

As for Nabalug, he was content.

So he decided to check out Zaenis Desef’s twitch stream.

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