DemiaN is Nuts

CCP has declared war upon non-profit gankers.

Ganking is only ethical for isk/hr gankbears.

Non-profit ganking is evil.

Unfortunately, DemiaN lost a pod.

Aaaarrgg wasn’t even trying to profit…

DemiaN knows how to deal with non-profit greefers.

Killrights are a lucrative opportunity!

It’s not a sin, if you murder for money.

Just for the record, a CCP gamemaster told me that asking miners to calm down is clear evidence of griefer intent, as this phrase is deliberately and intentionally used to amplify and mock the genuine emotional distress of poor innocent Highsec miners. Oh, those precious newbros, angel DemiaN has only been playing for seven short years.

I guess even Aaaarrgg gets hit on.

Meanwhile, time was running out…

Would Aaaarrgg see what matter is?

Will we see us?

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