The Links page will be updated to provide links to important forum posts, such as Shareholder Reports, IPOs, etc. This is also where you’ll find links to artwork created by supporters of the New Order. As you can see, this is not some half-baked Links page thrown onto the site as an afterthought. This is the real deal.

Law of Highsec

(written by Rabe Raptor, re-hosted by Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri)



I have taken command of the Halaima ice field: An exciting business opportunity!

(June 24, 2012)

Halaima Miner Bumping IPO — Round 1

(June 26, 2012)

Halaima Miner Bumping IPO — Round 2

(June 29, 2012)

Halaima Miner Bumping — SHAREHOLDER REPORT #1 — 230,000.00 % profit margin!

(July 6, 2012)

Halaima Miner Bumping SHAREHOLDER REPORT #2 UNANIMOUS! We’re going to Kamio!

(July 18, 2012)

Halaima Miner Bumping IPO — Round 3

(July 20, 2012)

Halaima Miner Bumping — SHAREHOLDER REPORT #3 — The Dawn of a New Kamio

(July 28, 2012)

Halaima Miner Bumping — SHAREHOLDER REPORT #4 — Shareholder Vote! Plan the Forever War

(August 4, 2012)

Halaima Miner Bumping IPO — Round 4

(August 6, 2012)

Halaima Miner Bumping – REPORT #5 – Shareholder Vote! The Forge or Lonetrek?

(September 4, 2012)


Let me tell you why people are killing highsec miners. A manifesto.

(December 12, 2011)

How highsec miners threaten EVE, and how we can stop them. Manifesto II.

(April 27, 2012)

Looks like we’re winning the war: Highsec mining drops by HALF!

(May 12, 2012)

Building A Better Highsec: What extra rules should we require miners to follow?

(July 20, 2012)

THE MITTANI DOT COM ARTICLES (NOTE: This section has updated links.)

The Truth Behind the Exhumer Rebalancing

(August 14, 2012)

The Road to Nerfdom: Highsec’s Carebear Future

(August 27, 2012)

Why a Risk-Free Highsec Would Kill EVE Online

(September 18, 2012)

Nerfing Numbers: A Limit to the Power of the Blob?

(September 27, 2012)

Should Freighter Ganking Be Nerfed?

(October 12, 2012)

Why Does Everyone Hate -A-?

(November 17, 2012)

Ancient History: The Currin Trading Confession

(December 9, 2012)

The Rise and Fall of CAOD

(December 26, 2012)

Why Didn’t the HBC and CFC Go to War?

(January 24, 2013)

Highsec Rising: The Danger of a Safe Zone in EVE

(March 1, 2013)

The Case for Wardecs: An Appeal to Reason

(April 2, 2013)

Why Do We Attack People Who Don’t Want to Fight?

(April 13, 2013)

The Myth of the Blue Doughnut

(May 16, 2013)

James 315 on How to Fix Supercaps

(July 24, 2013)

James 315 Responds to the New Anti-Scamming Rules

(September 17, 2013)

Should CCP Create an Official EVE Killboard?

(January 5, 2014)

Did the CFC Just Win EVE?

(February 23, 2014)

The New TeamSpeak Harassment Policy

(September 25, 2014)

Scoot Over: James 315 Responds to Scam Controversy

(October 2, 2014)


Artwork bySun Win:



Artwork byDragondrop:

Miners Fasten Your Seatbelts

Artwork byJonah Gravenstein:

All those screaming miners can’t be wrong

Fight for Your Right

Shitposter Rollercoaster

Artwork byHoax Theokratis:

What the Hell Do You Think You’re Doing?

Che James

Our Madness Keeps Us Sane

James 315 The Movie, #1


James 315 The Movie, #2


Artwork byMethesda:

Hasta la Victoria

Artwork by Universal Design Service:

Protector, Father, Savior

Video byToby tonberry:

Saving Highsec

Artwork byPrencleeve Grothsmore:

The Hero We Deserve

Art byenterprisePSI:

Bumping Away

The New Order Promo

The New Order Promo II

James 315 for CSM

In Your Backyard

Mining Site Supervision

Orca kill


Stand by for Inspection

Stand by for Inspection II

Code Violators Punished

YOUTUBE: The New Order Preserving Freedom

Artwork byGalaxy Pig:

Miners Rejoice!

Holy Flowchart

315 4 CSM8

Keep Him Flying

Keep Our Boys in the Air

Keep Us Flying

You Buy ‘Em, We’ll Fly ‘Em

There Are Rules


No Permit, No Worms

No Permit, No Worms II

315 For President

Videos byMotherMoon:

Ganking EvE Online Retribution


Artwork byLamprey Uisen:

Gankster Squad

Artwork byCollin Dow:

Rebuilding Highsec


Video bySelf Proclaimed:

The Threat in New Eden

Videos byAgent Eunoli:

The New Order of Highsec – A Journey Begins

The New Order of Highsec – Rise of Power

New Order of Highsec – Arrival

Artwork byWescro:


Video byRiku Klayton:

Welp (An Awox)

Scripture byGevlon Goblin:

The Scripture of the New Order

Artwork byAlana Charen-Teng:


Artwork byIam Thanatos:

The Shepherd

Good Robot, Bad Robot

Artwork byDubious King:

The Hammer of Justice

Artwork bySir Robin Idle:

With and Without a Permit

Artwork byRicky the Rat:

A Miner Without the New Order

Artwork byDaniel Plain:

Red Pen

Artwork byCasanunda:

Carebear Creep

Strike Hard

Artwork byDoctor Christopher Hansen:

Bot-Aspirancy Anonymous

Drop the Mic

Artwork byOneAngryNinja:

The Hero We Need

Artwork byAlice Kinnian:

Sending a Message

Artwork byPestario Vargas:


Recording byDr Tyler:

Mine Teck conference (SoundCloud)

“Singing” by

Agent Trask:

Highsec Belongs to Me (SoundCloud)

Artwork byRennseslear X:

One Does Not Simply…

Artwork by Vic:

Get Yours Today

I Follow the Code

Honest Work

Artwork byLevarris Hawk:

New Order Strawberries

Trebor Daehdoow attack ad

Ripard Teg attack ad

James 315 Red/Blue ad

The Final Strawberry

Artwork byMitt Spero:

Hope for Highsec

Che 315

Fighting Stabbers

New Order Crossing

Save Highsec, Bump Miners

Artwork byTubrug1:

Angrybear: New Order Edition

Artwork byxX1337MastaXx:

Fuel Our Catalysts

Should Have Bought a Permit

Artwork byVarvara M:

Highsec Confidential

Kill it with Fire

The Teachings of James 315 the Wise

Become an Agent

Catalyst for Me

Enlist Now

The Saga Continues

New Order Gentleman


Artwork bySt Joseph Arrington:

AFK Mining Is Not for Me

Bumpers We Need You


Lend a Hand


Want Action?

Highsec Miner Thought Process

Artwork byBen Binchiette:

AFK Mining Is a Cancer

Artwork bySeven Koskanaiken:

PETA (nsfw?)

Artwork byLenda Shinhwa:

James 315 Is My Shepherd

Videos byLenda Shinhwa:

Hulks and Pods, Hulks and Pods

Thou Shalt Not Covetor

Slowboat to Painville

Navy Vexor Protection


Taskforce: Halaima

Artwork byChiara Orisan:

Don’t Be Goofus

Artwork byZiaeon:

The Path of the Righteous

Artwork byOphidia Black:

Our Father

Artwork byxxBLACK SKULLxx 929:

Brought to You by NODD

Artwork byErotica 1:

Trick or Treat

Artwork byAngus Adalwin:

I Have Become a Legend

Artwork byGaylord Fappington:

The Code of Love

Artwork byraider womb:

Free This Miner

Artwork byBao Xi:

Come On Gang

Do You Have a Permit?

Your Isk Keeps Us Logged In

Compliant on All Fronts

Videos byloyalanon:

Dedication to James 315

The Code Always Wins

CODE Keeps Winning

The Elite

Unrest in Uedama

The Elite


CodeDot Normus

Artwork: Straight Outta Halaima

Artwork byDJentropy Ovaert:

Illegal Mining Can Kill

Artwork byMaggot McMurder:

Highsec in Good Hands

Artwork bySasha Nyemtsovand/orSasha Nemtsov:

The Code II

The Code III

The Code IV

The Code V

The New Halaima Code of Conduct

Become an Agent

Manifesto II, Part 1

Manifesto II, Part 2

Manifesto II, Part 3

Manifesto II, Part 4

Manifesto II, Part 5

Manifesto II, Part 6

Manifesto II, Part 7

Manifesto II, Part 8

Manifesto II, Parts 9 & 10

A Highsec Christmas Carol


How the New Order Will Achieve Final Victory, Part 1

How the New Order Will Achieve Final Victory, Part 2

How the New Order Will Achieve Final Victory, Part 3

The Modern Miner – Introduction (video)

Awox Nerf Fails to Boost EVE Numbers

Happy Code Day

Why CCP Won’t Fix Nullsec

Day of Infamy

Termination Notice

It’s Time to Remove the Faction Police

Thoughts About The Code

Griefing, Harassment, Bullying, and the New Order

The Code (with chorus)

The Code Chorus (sheet music with lyrics)

The Code Chorus (lyrics only)

Jester’s Dreck

The Hah Hah Chorus

YouTube: The Common Bot-Aspirant

YouTube: The Internet Tough Guy

YouTube: Ye Chronicles of Evonya

YouTube: Ye Chronicles of Evonya Part II: Camp Code!

Recordings byJaxi Wreckful:

Re: Your Ship

Re: Recruitment

Re: Heralded

Recordings byRabe Raptor:

James 315 Chorus

Artwork by “A New Order Sympathizer”:

Become a Catalyst for Change

Art and Videos byKalorned:

Heading out to Mine

Bumping for Highsec

The Code Is Forever #3

The Code Is Forever #4

The Code Is Forever #5

The Code Is Forever #6

The Code Is Forever #7

The Code Is Forever #8

The Code Is Forever #9

The Code Is Forever #10

The Code Is Forever #11

The Code Is Forever #12

The Code Is Forever #13

The Code Is Forever #14

The Code Is Forever #15

The Code Is Forever #16

Self-Defense in Gamis #1

Self-Defense in Gamis #2

Self-Defense in Gamis #3

The Code Is Forever #17

The Code Is Forever #18

The Code Is Forever #19

Self-Defense in Gamis #4

The Code Is Forever #20

The Code Is Forever #21

The Code Is Forever #22

The Code Is Forever #23

Self-Defense in Gamis #5

Self-Defense in Gamis #6

YouTube: The Code Is Forever #24

YouTube: The Code Is Forever #25

Self-Defense in Gamis #7

Self-Defense in Gamis #8

The Code Is Forever #26

The Code Is Forever #27

Self-Defense in Gamis #9

The Code Is Forever #28

The Code Is Forever #29

The Code Is Forever #30

Self Defense in Gamis #10

The Code Is Forever #31

The Code Is Forever #32

Self Defense in Gamis #11

Self Defense in Gamis #12

The Code Is Forever #33

Self Defense in Gamis #13

Mission Ready Gelhan Trailer

The Code Is Forever #34

The Code Is Forever #35

Mission Ready Gelhan Season 2 Trailer #1

Mission Ready Gelhan Season 2 Trailer #2

Mission Ready Gelhan Season 2 Trailer #3

Artwork byAndouille Sausage:

Friend to the Miner

Benevolent Father

Speed the Final Victory

Together to Final Victory

Brave Pilots

Calm Down Miner

Real Industry

Glorious Heroes

Carebear Ganking Area

Never Thought Mining…

I Thought a Thing Like That…

If You Mine in Highsec…

Don’t Be a Goofus

Two Pilots Who Mined in Highsec


Clothe Tora Bushido

Take Only Tears

Bringing the Light

Artwork byMining License Inspector:

A Clear Belt is a Compliant Belt

Video byGorila Vengaza:

HighSec Bears BEWARE!

Artwork byKaely Tanniss:

Women of the New Order 2015 Calendar

New Order Recruitment video

Artwork byLedrian Saisima:

Compliments of Ledrian

Artwork byJahyson Malone:

Don’t Panic

Stay Focused

Choose Life

Artwork byMcEnergyDrinks vonLambo Ribwicherson:

Portrait of the Saviour

Artwork byAeleDeux:

Alliance Logo Submission

Artwork byGurty Jones:

Alliance Logo Submission

Baptism by CONCORD

Artwork byBait’er De’Outlier:

Alliance Logo Submission

Artwork byAzn:

Super James 315

Audio byBellatrix Invicta:

Why You Were Ganked


Artwork and Videos byAlt 00:

Love and Friendship

The Pragmatist

The Presence of the New Order

The Saviour of Highsec

The Statue of 315

The Wreck Salvager

Two Trillion ISK

YouTube: EVE Stream Snipe 2 – Croleur, Sinq Laison

Artwork byConrad Raze:

The Fifth Element

Starship Trooper

Know More

Artwork byAvin Rael:

Always Follow

Video byNick Actilete:

Highsec Ganking – Miniluv & CODE.

Artwork byAmanda Rekenwhith:

CODE. Bumper Sticker

Video & Artwork by412nv Yaken:

Loki PvP

The Dunk Zone

Artwork byMalon Kreed:

When Carebears Attack #1

When Carebears Attack #2

When Carebears Attack #3

When Carebears Attack #4

When Carebears Attack #5

Uedama Burns Everyday

Comment Bingo

Videos byVilinensis Octoria:

EvE Online: High-Sec ganking – CODE. Alliance

EvE Online: CODE. The happy miners of Umokka

CODE. Always Wins

Artwork byMalphas Inanis:

The Code is Love, the Code is Life

Success and Failure

Live the Code, Love the Code


Rules for Miners

Artwork byFiddly Pop:

Help Save HighSec & Your Soul

Make sure your blasters are in working order

Mining Permits

28k a Day

The Code Wins

Anti-Gank Fail

Not an Option

When CODE. Catches You

Don’t Be a Freddy

Save Nullsec

Artwork bySulabri:

Dr. Seuss

Artwork byTenla:

Only One Man

Artwork byDig Driller:

Complacent Whiner or Compliant Miner?

Videos byAGBee 666/Lahnius:

For James

Miner Changed His Ways

Cat and Mouse

Videos byAGBee 443:

zKill Guide to Ganking Ventures

Videos byVilinensis Octoria:

The Duty of an Agent

Video bySigrid Lorokai:


Artwork byTheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet:

Virgin Miner vs. Chad Agent


Artwork by Krig Povelli:

Comment Bingo

Artwork by Zena Messerschmitt:

Miners With and Without Permits

Artwork by Count Ragnar Danneskjold:

Keep Highsec Clean

Artwork by Neuro Cesaille:

Contains Catalysts

Murder Flying Bots

A Place in the Line

Kill Them

Artwork by Haukka:


Artwork by CiXiang Reytzenstein:

AFK Mining Hurts Real Miners

Spam Filter

Lossmail PSA

Videos by Drugs McFarland:

Let Go

Artwork by Haelam:

Major League Ganking

Jita League


Salty Crew

Videos by Zaenis Desef:

Let Go

Why We Gank

The Voice of the Bot-Aspirants

Videos by Wear ista Beefman:

Bumping for High Sec 2: The Fate of the Agent

Artwork by William Rageclaw:

Code Kitty

Artwork by Kaylee Rayl:


Artwork by Koizumi Taira:

Read It


The Horn


Artwork by Koiso Komatsu:

Not Permitted

Artwork by Donatien Alphonse Francois:

Dolphin Debate