Stark Raving Mad, Part 5

Previously on MinerBumping… VictorStark Stark was furious, and so was his alt Lilliana Lestrange. They thought they could roleplay their way into CODE., but soon discovered that the Code forbids roleplaying. Ironically, VictorStark didn’t roleplay giving away all his assets and skillpoints!!! Worse still, he blamed Princess Aiko for his foolishness! At first, VictorStark tried to negotiate with various CODE. agents, but soon realized that Aiko was officially the top character in CODE!!!!!

When carebears realize that Aiko is a true princess, they often gnash their yellow teeth, and Victor was no exception.

Denying the reality of Aiko’s official stature is always a serious mistake. When Lilliana tried to pretend she had a valid mining permit, Aiko observed that the permit was actually stolen. Lilliana was nothing but a common permit thief.

As the truth became known, everyone began to publicly shame the angry goofus.

Meanwhile, the AGBees celebrated another successful gank.

Lilliana was obsessed with Princess Aiko, hurling endless invective.

Aiko tried to explain that, as a verified IRL princess, she lacks empathy or compassion for the common miner. Our Saviourette is incapable of understanding what Lilliana was upset about. Unfortunately, this did not help Lilliana calm down.

Is it even possible to punish a princess? Some individuals began to question whether Aiko could ever be held accountable for anything. Was it true, that whatever she did was absolutely divine, by right of birth? If so, did Lilliana have any rational reason to even be upset? Shouldn’t be Lilliana be rejoicing to meet a princess?

Lilliana’s breakdown was now entering a third day, and Antonio Muskitta was beginning to wonder whether the festivities would ever conclude? Rumors were spreading that the Jamespocalypse was nigh, and perhaps this was the end of CODE? However, as Madame Mia observed, Princess Aiko was just getting started.

To be continued…