Lazar Ragar

Previously, we met Highsec miner Lazar us, who continues to struggle with the fact that EVE Online is more difficult than Fortnite. Unfortunately, although Lazar voluntarily broadcasts himself to the entire galaxy, he seems to consistently regret this (and winds up deleting all videos and clips). Luckily, someone took the effort to record a few clips, and someone else uploaded them to the galactic interwebs.

Thanks to everyone who creates and preserves  important moments in EVE history.

If you encounter such glorious moments in your own exciting space adventure, rest assured that Princess Aiko Danuja is here to ensure that your heroic story is not lost to the sands of time. Feel free to contact me (and send isk).

DISCLAIMER: Several whiteknights have contacted me with grave concern about the continuation of “toxic CODE. style ganking”, which they view as a form of “spacebully griefing” which is “illegal” and likely to cause “severe mental distress” for carebears. Rejoice, knowing that Princess Aiko will never hesitate to assist those who dedicate their lives to the mindless repetition of boring stale content.

If you find this objectionable, you may file complaints with James 315, who will respond just as soon as he feels like it.

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  1. with this guy you went too far. he is just a young boy trying to make a channel and provide some content. and you are preventing him from doing this. you even made him break down and cut himself! aren’t you ashamed?????

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