The Rat Story

People just want the story to be told.

Who am I to deny the will of the shareholders?

Honestly, uh…

Believe it or not, gankers aren’t into animal cruelty.

Grey, the problem isn’t that you killed a rat, or even that you tortured it to death. We’ve all made mistakes, right? The problem is that you are openly sharing this information, oblivious to social norms, without any hint of social awareness. According to the FBI, this lack of self-evaluation is an indicator of “extreme risk”. We don’t brag about torturing animals to death, in fact, it’s illegal in some regions.

The good news, is that Grey is currently too busy to be a serial killer, and he will have to wait a few years before he finally finds the time. As it turns out, according to the FBI, it’s normal for serial killers to wait until they are in their thirties.

Grey, this is not the first time that people have shown concern over your comments. Have you considered the possibility that you are a serial killer?

Some people just think it’s a little off.

Ya know?

Like, hello?????

Put the knife down buddy.

Of course, the real test for serial killer tendencies is to investigate whether they have a Hannibal Lecter style fascination with cuisine.

Donatien Alphonse Francois > how do you like your steak cooked?
CorrinoGiovanni > Ratty
Grey Ignis > rare if it’s a restaurant I trust, if not, medium rare. When I cook it at home I cook it rare, with an aromatic butter sauce and a pan sear. I made a 26oz ribeye not too long ago that I was very proud of. Made some roasted potatoes as a side with a salad and had some port wine with ice cream for dessert
Grey Ignis > So actually the other day I made this salmon, and I decided to try my hand a a glaze idea that I had, I took maple syrup, a bit of port, accent, a dash of cayenne, lemon juice, rock salt, and rosemary, and then seared the fuck out of the salmon and then added the glaze so it could caramelize in the sugar, then I added some pepper after the fact. I had a kale salad on the side with roasted asparagus
darklegionca > and a side of rat?
zxcxzx > i hear dog is pretty good
Sargon Of Amerish > I diddily ding dong do wish we could chat longer, but i’m having an old friend for diddily ding dong dinneroo!
Grey Ignis > In tems of snacks, I’m not gonna lie, a good oatmeal is always a banger. I add anise, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, mace, and nutmeg to mine. Chopped pears or apples go great, and adding milk is always good. Mhmm, and it’s good for you, great way to get protein and filling carbs that aren’t cheap
Jinx Beirutbomb > It sounds like torture makes you hungry.

Like real talk, uh…

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