From Derelik to Devoid

To protect new players nullsec jump freighters, the game is more tedious than ever. EvE is an incredible grind.

Recently, I patrolled the elite dangerous zone. I departed from Amphar, passing through the Abha wastes, and into the Arena.

It was completely empty, except for the Paladin in Bairshir. This miner docked up the moment I entered Sari.

Moh is nothing to write home about.

There are miners here. However, everybody is docked up. Even the Procurer in Gelhan decided to calm down.

Antiganker security forces are on high alert.

Why would a Council Diplomatic Shuttle be hiding within a debris field? Before I could investigate, it was gone.

I responded to a report of loitering.

Eleven long boring jumps.

A suspicious scene.

Another great victory!

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