Krig’s Korner, Episode 4

Krig’s Korner, Episode III

Krig’s Korner IV has been eagerly anticipated.

When will it be released?

Without further ado, Ryan Reynolds presents…


Princess Aiko is so cool, she is the best, and pretty too. All day long I think about her, doodootdadoo, Aikoaikoaikoaiko. XDxdXD

My alt Lucy finally graduated from the Navy Academy, and was ready to begin an exciting EvE Online mining career.  She carefully prepared her resume and applied to a guild that offered total independence.  Maybe she could work from home?

After a rigorous 3 minute review, she was hired!

Lucy couldn’t wait to fly together, separately!

Corp chat was full of exciting conversation.

EVE System > Channel MOTD: We are joining an alliance, but don’t worry, this changes nothing!
Lucy Inthesky Withdiamonds > o/
Broadcast > o7

Lucy soon made a friend.

Wow, Xander is a real vet!

There he is!

Lucy was eager to help, independently.

However, Xander tried to awox the newbro!

Since they were friends (and allies), Lucy offered independent assistance, to save Xander from himself.

Xander began an independent propaganda campaign, intended to isolate Lucy from the rest of the corporation.

The other miners gradually woke up, alone.

Oh no, it was too late…

An independent commission investigated..

Unfortunately, the miners were not feminists.

Lucy demanded full reimbursement.

The miners were clever, and quick too!

Enough is enough!

Maen Mabata wanted to send money, in real life.

Real life miners, need real life permits.

What a know it all!

Lucy just wanted to fly together, separately.

The miners began smoking crack cocaine, independently.

Silly miners!

I’m glad they weren’t mad.

Unfortunately, they no longer wanted to be together, in isolation.

I guess Lucy needs a new alliance.

At least she got a medal.

Even CCP gave Lucy an award.


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