Krig’s Korner, Episode V

Krig’s Korner, Episode IV

Aiko’s ponytail is so long and strong, I use it to climb the ivory tower. At the top I sit and wonder, why is she so dumb?

Oh, well, hello there. Why, it’s me Krig Povelli, star of Krig’s Korner, where we celebrate the adventures of me, Krig Povelli.

On this Krig Day, I tell a tale of Rentlords.

Wow, that’s a neat logo! Nine stars, woah.

The Rentlords had a busy week.

My friend Lucy recently joined rentercorp Skepy.

This corp looks legit – amirite?

PLOT TWIST: Lucy is an anagram for I’m Krig Povelli!

I wanted to play with my new friends.

We are skeepy!

Pharmabro Martin told me wasup.

He even recommended me for a medal!

Woah, Hulks? Those must be tough guys!

Aiko, did you see the Hulks? Aiko? Aiko? Stop eating ice cream.

It’s pretty cool being in a real nullsec corp.

Why did they have friendly fire on?

Afterward, I got a fan mail!


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