Highsec Griefing

I try to follow the rules.

However, some people don’t play by the rules.

There are soo many griefers in EvE Online!

I call it Griefers Online.

Jason Longshot tried to stop me from playing.


This is extortion and racketeering!

Judgment was at hand…


I needed to make money, fast!

Alas, the miners began running a train on me…


I was banned from the outer spaces…

…as grief miners took pleasure in my emotional distress.


Shory wanted to bully me, away from others.

So he began dimming the gaslight.

Then he began exaggerating.

Next, came the victim blaming.

Finally, the delusions of grandeur.

Stupid miners! 🙂


I have 93 active killrights(((((


One thought on “Highsec Griefing”

  1. I’m so sorry you have to endure this killmails. To try to prevent folks from undocking and enjoying the game they love is unconscionable but not surprising from miners I guess. I hope that you will some day be free from this harassment. Terrorism, really, let’s call it what it is.

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