We Miss James 315

Previously on James315.Space… The Saviour of Highsec died quite suddenly, surprising those who weren’t informed years in advance. Many mourners have thrown messages at the wailing wall, but there has never been any reply. Woe, woe unto those who have not repented of their sinful transgressions, for the Jamespocalypse has befallen us all!

Fortunately, a few good citizens recognized that the responsible thing to do, would be to throw a little celebration to commemorate the heroic passing of this great man. The funeral in Halaima was thus attended by a crowd of more than a thousand capsuleers, who gathered to praise his name in obedient silence. We’d like to thank CCP for reinforcing the node, and providing a free Fleet Stabber to all attendees.

Several prominent historians and space archivists have been clamoring for a complete transcript of the funeral, with audio bookmarks so that we can all easily find our favourite speakers. Without further ado, the agents of the Old Guard hereby present the official transcript [check against delivery]:

[0:15] Message to the Faithful – Encrypted

[0:30] Dance of the Goblok

[0:54] Message to the Less Faithful – Encrypted

[1:15] Dance of the Golden Catalyst

[1:44] Whadda Badasaz: “Now entering system are the shareholders, followed by the agents. Throngs of supporters are gathered in the streets of the cities and towns on every planet in Halaima. People from all corners of Highsec have surged into the system for this auspicious funeral. Waves upon waves of Catalysts fill the skies of Halaima I, and… what’s this? Now here come the Coercers, the Atrons and… oh, look there! Bumping Machariels! Standby, I’m receiving word that somebody’s taking the stage. Let us turn our attention now to the main event, which begins in a jiffy!

[2:19] March of the Mashtori

[2:52]: Jimmy315: Victory. Comrades, Agents of the New Order, and supporters of the Code – we come together today, not to mourn the loss of James 315, but to celebrate his life and victory with some of his closest friends. James 315 was many things: the Supreme Protector of Highsec, the Father of the New Order, and a friend to each and every one of us who has assembled here today. But to many of us, he was simply Dad. He was not the first member of our family that we have lost; and he will not be the last. But have no doubt – his passing does mark a unique milestone. Many of our fallen comrades could not be here today in person, to pay their respects. But to them I say this – we salute you! Your sacrifice is noted.

The New Order of Highsec is a precious thing. It is the only force standing in the way of ETERNAL OBLIVION. Highsec – or James 315 space, as it is more commonly known – was in fact saved by James 315. For this reason, he is not only the Supreme Protector and Father of the New Order, but the literal Saviour of Highsec. His words and deeds echo through the ages. He is thus immortal. He has passed, but it is important to remember: HEROES NEVER DIE. He is still with us. If you squint, you may even be able to still see him in Local. Today we have assembled a roster of Highsec notables who will share with you their memories and various recollections of their Father – James 315. Representatives from every major active CODE. corporation, and a few surprise guests from the past, will now take the stage. It is my great pleasure to introduce our first speaker: former CODE. Executor and bumping extraordinaire, Siegfried Cohenberg.”

 [5:15]: Siegfried Cohenberg: Hello, Siegfried Cohenberg here. The running chairman of the Bumper’s Union and previous Executor of the alliance. Now, James 315 is probably the most influential player in the entirety of EVE. Let me tell you why. Thanks to James, I was able to leave the ways of a bot aspirant, and ascend to that of the freighter bumper. And because of the direction that he gave me, I was able to spread the word of the Code, to hundreds of more than satisfied freighter pilots and I think the game is better off because of his influence, and his message for the carebears of EVE Online and for those who just wanna be a bot.

James is the One, who gave me supreme power over every single Highsec hauler in the game. With this new authority, I was able to reclaim hundreds of billions of stolen CODE. assets from Highsec haulers. This entire time, people were playing the game, thinking they were building wealth for themselves. But really, they were building wealth for James. Whenever I encountered a bot aspirant, that resisted giving up what was rightfully ours, all I had to do was utter his name. I would utter his name, and they would realize the error of their ways and immediately hand over what was CODE. property all along.

I’m saddened to hear that James has passed on, he was like a Father to me. You know, I really didn’t have much interaction when I was a bot aspirant, but he came to me and gave me guidance, was a role-model. You know, CODE., we’re a family, we all are agents, and James really was the best Dad we could ask for. You know, I remember back in the day, you know, James… He and I, that little bonding… We’d toss the ‘ol freighter around, you know back and forth. I’d catch it, he’d catch it, he’d eject, and we’d get a freighter. Some of the things, you really can only do with your Dad, just, you can’t do anymore, now that he’s gone.

You know, sometimes, he and I, we’d lose track of time. We’d be throwing that freighter around for hours. One time, that poor little guy, he was out there six thousand kilometres from the gate, and he tried to report us! You know what James said to me? You know what? Why not twelve thousand? And we had fun all night long. Just, ah, James. Man. You really taught me so much, about throwing the ol freighter around. It’s a sad day to hear that James 315 is going away, but my message to you, agents of the Code, is remember this one lesson, that James has bestowed upon me. Void might be the best messenger we have to spread the Word of the Code, but always remember, a conversation is maybe all you need to defeat the bot aspirants. You might be surprised at the results! This is Siegfried Cohenberg signing out, and farewell James.

[9:00]: Jimmy315: Thank you Siegfriend, I miss Dad too. We will next hear from one of the New Order’s greatest metagamers – Erotica 1. Erotica, take it away.

[9:12]: Erotica 1: James 315 has changed the game for the better, more than any other player in EVE, aside from myself of course. When I met James, around April 2013, I invited him to a chat with a lucky contestant. That was the day the future would change forever, I had faith James would participate, and James went with the flow. Then I bought some shares for the first time. Unfortunately, lucky contestant Constantine did not win the Bonus Round that day. His sacrifice set forth a new era for the New Order. Content creators and community leaders like myself, joined the New Order in droves. One of my favourite quotes from James, “A carebear can hide her true nature for awhile, even for a five hour Bonus Round, but sooner or later the bot aspierancy comes out, and with it the fatal consequences. Does that mean we give up? Heck no! It just means we fight harder to save Highsec. For more information, simply google MinerBumping.com Erotica 1. Perhaps there will be more new stories, on the new blog, James315.Space. As they say, I’m EVE’s St. Olga of Kiev, long live the New Order!

[10:24]: Jimmy315: Thank you Erotica 1. What a moving speech that was, and a great reminder of our roots. Up next, I have the great pleasure of passing on a few remarks from John E Normus. John is a fantastic New Order Logistics pilot, former CODE. Executor, and all around great guy. He always had full faith in our eventual victory. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be here today in person, but he did want the following statement read on his behalf. “You’re on your own now. James is gone, and you’ll need to forge your own path. Sincerely, John.” John, thank you, I’m sure James 315 would appreciate your brevity. Next up, many of you will remember Kalorned, as the man who once saved the CODE. alliance. Kalorned will now offer some brief remarks.

 [11:21]: Kalorned (smiling): Hey James! It’s your pal Kalorned! I just wanna say how cool a guy you were! Thanks man! Had you not created the New Order, I’d likely never have come across some of the best players in the game, players like Alt 00, Aiko, Tweeps, or even Zopiclone! Thanks to James, metagaming will always have a place to thrive within the game!

[11:41]: Jimmy315: Thank you Kalorned, you’re a great guy, and I know James 315 would appreciate your words. He told me so in a private chat yesterday, after I ran your remarks by him. Next up, we will hear from a very special guest, aiva naali, aka FighterJets GuitarSolo 1000Years, aka ‘lil bullet’, aka Agent Anvil, who is still hard at work attempting to conquer all of nullsec.

 [12:08]: Aiva Naali: Where do I begin with James 315? Someone, from nowhere? Hardly. We all had humble beginnings. James chose his path, to, well, to defend Highsec, his own kingdom. Now, when he found me, he pulled me out from the gutter. I may have started from nothing like him, but we chose different paths. Keep defending Highsec, big guy. Even though you are no longer around. We’ll all be here.

[12:50]: Jimmy315: Thank you Aiva, I can tell that really came from the heart and was completely voluntary. Certainly no torture there! Now back out the airlock you go. For the rest of us who have been around for a while, our next speaker certainly needs no introduction. For the benefit of everybody else, it is my great honor to introduce none other than Jerry Rin himself. Jerry, take it away!

[13:16]: Jerry Rin: I once saw James, uh, club the head clean of a miner with a Louisville fucking slugger. He was seven feet tall, and he could shoot lightning from his eyes. His cowboy hat was always tilted left, because that’s where the sun always was relative to his position. Hooraariggityrrarara babopboprubar babopadeepbopah. You know who else was good at scat? James 315.

The Code, you could argue that the Code is based on scat music from James. James’ original scat music. Well, he was good at scat, but really, you know, we grew up on a childhood, uh, area. We grew up together, in an area, with farms. K? He was a simple, we were simple kids, we were simple man, he was a simple man! We were shooting cans, at the farm and drinking malted milks in town. But word came that it was war, war with the miners, right, and we were too young, right, he was only fifteen at the time, but we lied about our age, and got in anyway. Got into the bootcamp, signed up, so we went to fight fight the miners, and fought in many battles. Fought in the foxhole, grenades coming at us, sniper fire, tanks, but we won. The battle raged on for years, you know we won that war… awarded many battles, some of which can be found in my bio. Now James was hailed as a hero! Many parades and dinners in his honour, statesmen, celebrities, the whole nine. Praise was heaped on his name.

We won that first war, but at what cost? Could we ever even get back what was lost? James was never the same. He began his work on the Code in earnest. You know, the Code started merely as thoughts, but it has become so much more. That old cliche rings true. It’s taken on a life of its own, and life may not be what we think. You know, life brings to mind a beating heart. Breathing lungs. Blinking eyes, things you can’t have down in the dust catacombs.

But the real life is in our imaginations, and who better embodies the definition of imagination, if not a simple man. An author, who puts his ideas to paper, so that they may live on. So that our children, and our children’s children, and their children’s children children, can access the wealth of ideas that have accumulated thus far. They will plug themselves into an information grid, and they will have access, and they will read every MinerBumping post, eighty thousand years from now!

A child will see a simple agent ganking a miner. He will look for a permit and compliance, but that compliance is not there! He will left his head and think, “When will total compliance be achieved?” And what then, eighty thousand years from now? The child reading this MinerBumping post will smile, and that smile will transcend space and time, and the physical limitations of this existence, whatever they may be! However many dimensions exist, there will always be the Code, and there will always be its creator, James 315. I once saw James, club the head of a miner, with a Louisville slugger. He was also amazing at scat!

Ahjibbidabotbajibbajibbda mdamememinimnimama mimimimimiminamina minaminaminaminaminer jibajabo kbowbwobo wwbwaaah! Jibbaba! Jibbada bopbooooo bababababa deetdabaaba bajibbadab abawhaddabaddasazj ayjajibaba jayjaymes315

James, you owe me fifty dollars, and I don’t know how I’m gonna get it now. Call me!

Bababadota baoeeeaaaaaa

[17:50]: Jimmy315: Wow. Jerry really is a force of nature. I know James 315 has missed Aiko since he was forcibly retired, by the carebears at CCP, just as we all now miss James 315, who decided to ascend to an even higher plane of existence after achieving victory in Highsec. His eight year mission is now complete. Incredible. Next up we have controversial agent of the New Order, Zopiclone.

[18:19]: Zopiclone: Hello, thank you James, for all the good times you provided to the EVE community. The years flew by, reading your guidance on the MinerBumping blog, you’ve inspired generations of new law abiding citizens. You’ve really given a good part of the decade to making EVE what it is today. Thank you! We salute you, live, now I’m getting back to the party in your name. I would light a cyno in your name, but alas, I must get back to patrolling Highsec for more filthy miners are out there without permits. Zopi out.

[19:00]: Jimmy315: Oh no, it seems that Zopi stole the show! Why does this keep happening? Now being wheeled into the auditorium, in shackles and restraints, is the villain Tweeps, on loan from the Hague, who will now repent for his aggregious crimes against humanity.

[19:22]: TheInternet TweepsOnline The Internet: I’m sorry.

[19:26]: Jimmy315: Ok. Thank you to the International Criminal Court for lending us this vile creature for the day. May James forgive him. Next up we will hear from a shining light of Highsec art and culture, and Director of the Conference Elite, Alt 00.

[19:45]: Alt 00: Many of you have grown accustomed, to reading your adventures on James 315’s blog. He provided us with a voice, he made heroes of each and every one of us, old and new alike. Our great general now lays dead before us. Now, when an agent joins our ranks, he does so without the voice of the Saviour. Whilst James was uttering his final words to Princess Aiko, Agent Shadow bravely led his comrades into battle against hordes of marauders, and as James passed, let it be known that it was new player Codus Maximus who hastily took up arms against his fellow miners. We must ensure that agents such as Maximus go on to achieve the recognition that they so deserve. And let it be told that Agent Aiko is working on her fine new blog, James315.Space. It is thanks to the efforts of members such as Aiko that we continue to prosper, as James intended. Our new recruits shall once again have their story told, and proudly celebrate their first kills of the week.

Yet, for all our efforts, there are those who choose to stand in our path. I must warn you, certain ‘agents’ within our ranks, now wish harm upon us. Let it be known that these bureaucrats, have formally declared Alt 00 as an enemy of the New Order! They have in effect declared, that all you who side with me, are also criminals! Princess Aiko has been silenced, and censored. A knight of the New Order, treated lower than an antiganker! Can you imagine a more terrible sacrilige? To my oppressors, I say one thing. Support us in our new endeavours, and our quarrels will be forgotten. Oppose us, and the New Order will not forgive you a second time. My esteemed friends, let us now lay James to rest.

[22:19]: Jimmy315: Incredible work as always, Alt. You’re a really swell gal – and I know James would agree, based on the frequency with which you appeared in his marvelous stories on MinerBumping.com. Well done. Next we will hear from an upcoming FC representing an upcoming corp, Shadow Cyrilus from Big Willies PVP Madness – a great place for gankers new or old.

[22:44]: Shadow Cyrilus: Before I begin, I would like to thank you all for giving me this opportunity, to once again voice my support for our Saviour, James 315, and help commemorate the life of the singlemost influential man in the universe. Without James, I for one would still be a carebear, doing repetitive missions for a few million isk a day. I would still be a mindless bot aspierant, with no soul to speak of. When I first joined the CODE. alliance, I was quickly made aware of the MinerBumping blog, and quickly came to see the light. Through the blog, James has touched us all, and turned us into better people, both in game and in real life. I hope him well, and am happy to see queen regent Aiko Danuja, his successor, stay so faithful to his legacy. Praise James, and may the CODE. alliance continue to reign over Highsec for the years to come.

[23:40]: Jimmy315: Next up we have some remarks from Highsec all-star, Krig Povelli. Unfortunately, a scheduling conflict prevented him from being here with us today, and so I have the great honor of passing on the following message from him: “James 315 is not dead. James is all of us. The foolish miner will claim victory over the Code, up until the moment our Void S tears into his hull and unveils his frozen corpse to drift endlessly in the space of The New Order.” Wow, those were really great words Krig. Thank you so much, I know we all feel the same way. James 315 is in each and every local graced by His Agents. James is in all of us, always! Our penultimate speaker is CODE. celebrity Zaenis Desef, EVE Online’s premier twitch streamer, and producer of amazing New Order content.

[24:57]: Zaenis Desef: Hello friends. This is Zaenis Desef. For eight years, James 315 dedicated his life, to a goal that is greater than one man. He’s inspired others to follow his lead. The goal for a better community, a better place for all of us. I heard his message, I was inspired to teach, to help others to become better. I owe a lot to James 315 and his teachings. The whole EVE community does. Without James 315, Highsec would be a boring cesspool of bots. Few people have had such impact on this game, as James 315, and his impact will be felt long after today. CODE. is forever, and on the day that CCP finally shuts down the servers, we will be ganking everything in sight shouting, “Praise James!”

[25:40]: Jimmy315: Thank you so much, Zaenis. Of course, it goes without saying that everybody should check out his Twitch stream and show your support for New Order content by hitting that subscribe button. We shall next hear, the Party Keynote Address to the High Council Shareholders, delivered by the Queen regent, Princess Aiko. The mere mention of her name, dear Comrades, should strike terror in the hearts of our enemies. In particular, the carebear politicians on the CSM and the carebear posters on the forums, with their vile accusations and slanderous lies. Withour further ado, Aiko.

[26:23] Princess Aiko: From the very first, I have aimed at something more, than becoming a mere princess. I have resolved to be the destroyer of the miners. This I shall achieve, and once I’ve achieved that, I shall find the title of princess ridiculous. When I first stood in front of James’ grave, my heart overflowed with pride, that here lay a man who had forbidden any such petty inscriptions such as, “Here lies state councilor, executor director, his excellency the Saviour, James 315.” I was proud that this man, and so many others in Code history, have been content to leave their names to posterity and their titles to me.

I ask you now, what is the state? The state is a ganking organization, an association of persons formed it would seem for the sole purpose, but to destroy the miners. I therefore, consider it the supreme task, of the CODE. alliance leadership to do everything humanly possible to strengthen our military strength, and bring the miners closer to James. If he must be dead, then so must they.

And above all, you, my dear shareholders, do not forget one thing. In certain democracies, it seems that one of the special prerogatives, of political democratic life, is the artificial breeding of hatred of the so-called ‘totalitarian’ states. That is, to raise public opinion against peoples that displace others, through a flood of partly disfiguring partly even fictitious reports! If we defend ourselves against the antigankers, and the carebears, then this is considered an interference in the ‘sacred rights’ of the miner. In the opinion of these so-called gentlemen, they have the right to engage in PvE content, but no one has the right to resist it?

I do not need to assure them, that as long as the CODE. alliance is a soverign state, the state leadership will not allow a carebear politician to forbid us from ensuring the utter and unconditional destruction of the mining caste. The fact that we remain a soverign state, will be ensured in the future by our weapons and our friends. Therefore, we owe it to the security of the Code, to enlighten the people about the true nature of the carebear. Many miners continue to be spurred on by carebear agitators, agitating against the Code and hoping to trick our agents into themselves becoming carebears, and being psychologically unprepared for the Bonus Room.

I therefore think it necessary, that from now on in our propaganda, and in our press, the attacks should always, always, be answered and above all brought to the attention of the people. In particular, all the assertions about my intentions, are either morbidly hysterical or out of the personal self-preservation addiction of individual politicians, but we know, we know, that in certain states conscienceless thieves serve to save their own carebear finances, and that above all, intergalactic minery hopes to achieve satisfaction and vindictiveness and greed for profit. These bears represent a monstrous slander, and we will root out their lies, and we will biomass them all.

[30:58]: Crowd (chanting): Cardboard is a vegetable!

[31:00]: Jimmy315: Wow, that was astonishing. Now, if you would please, please direct your attention to Planet I, for a very special fireworks show, and another special surprise, which will begin presently. Thank you.

[36:00]: Jimmy315: Another glorious victory for the CODE., as Princess Aiko has utterly destroyed the Invincible Stabber, armed with only six civilian gatling railguns. Wow, amazing. Gatling guns truly are the weapon of the people!!! Another great victory for Princess Aiko! Well done Aiko!!!!!


BONUS CONTENT: Erotica 1 also gave a secret speech, which was deemed far too boring for public release.

Wow, what a great speech. Amazing.