Kiara Gone Wild

Maybe it was AFK, or improperly fit, or excessively mining.

For whatever reason, Sleepy Joe and zxc decided to shoot a barge.

Kiara Wildmann > i got no message no information
Kiara Wildmann > no input!
Akasha Thorne > well then
Kiara Wildmann > nobody message me
zxcxzx > now you know
Kiara Wildmann > now i know fuck you off no input no message just warp in and shoot me down you didn´t contact me and say here you need to pay or we shoot
Akasha Thorne > oof

Kiara was not pleased.

zxcxzx > Buy a permit, and you will know Safety.
Kiara Wildmann > buy me first a new retriever

She tried to negotiate.

zxcxzx > That ore is not yours to take
Kiara Wildmann > and from who from where i should know that? is there a sign Hey thats not yours?
Akasha Thorne > it’s unfortunate that you chose not to educate yourself as to applicable law
Kiara Wildmann > what law?
Sirius Threestar > Calm down miner.
Kiara Wildmann > you speaking of law speaking of stealing where the fuck i should know that?
Kiara Wildmann > WHERE is the lay WHERE i can read it
Akasha Thorne >
Kiara Wildmann > you just warp in and shoot me down i never know that link i never know that law
Akasha Thorne > welcome to life as a law-abiding citizen 🙂
Kiara Wildmann > i never got that link i never got the information so why i should pay for something i dont know

Other miners began to weigh in.

Claus Von Munchen > paying bullies to not bully you, great idea
Akasha Thorne > Paying law enforcement agents for proper licensing. This is the cornerstone of a civilized society.
Claus Von Munchen > lol; CODE retards are not law enforcement agents sorry
Akasha Thorne > your ableist language is offensive. we do not use the R-slur here.
Kiara Wildmann > i´m not lawlessness
Akasha Thorne > you just admitted to having hopped into a mining vessel
Kiara Wildmann > nobody sends me a link nobody message me
Kiara Wildmann > you just trying to get some isk from me
Akasha Thorne > this is about the law, not personal enrichment
Kiara Wildmann > what fucking law?
Akasha Thorne > the one you violated
Sirius Threestar > Kiara Wildmann, you’re a thick one aren’t you?
Kiara Wildmann > you still speak of a law what law where i can find this law
Akasha Thorne > you need to train reading comprehension to at least 1

Miners often struggle to represent themselves in court.

Kiara Wildmann > you speaking of a law of a link i dont got the link i dont got the link after i fly from jita nobody sends me that link so i never knew its against a law now you just trying to get isk from me trying to payed trying to bully me so i payed this price thats bullying thats scam from my vision your the criminal thats bullyng other fear them so they payed this fucking price
Akasha Thorne > calm down miner
zxcxzx > language miner!
Kiara Wildmann > oh dont worry zxc idc name i´m just here in jita to buy a ship after that you will never find me again in jita so screw your permit screw your bully price 😉

Kiara felt invincible.

Claus Von Munchen > FYI to any actual miners in here; just stop using Machinaws, Hulks, and Retrievers and you won’t get ganked anymore; stick with Procurers
Spread > they ganked my procurer
Kiara Wildmann > the fuck you are trying
Kiara Wildmann > thats just worthless ganking and trying to make bully isk
Kiara Wildmann > oh dont worry i´m not broken
Kiara Wildmann > if i would that i had payed your bitchi ass

Other miners continued to interrupt her monologue.

Claus Von Munchen > you’re called “Saftey” now because James is dead
hiboman man > he is alive
hiboman man > bring back James
hiboman man > you liers
hiboman man > he is not dead
hiboman man > i love you James 315
Akasha Thorne > there was even a funeral
hiboman man > no
hiboman man > he is still alive infact i sw him gank someone yesterday on zkill
Kiara Wildmann > shooting me down and trying to get isk from me for a law link i didnt get
zxcxzx > Kiara Wildmann you still crying?
Kiara Wildmann > i undock from jita and fly around for mining nobody message me thats against the law nobody sends me that link so basicly Akasha “click” please activate your brain i didn´t know its against the law “hope your brain works” so basicly mr. zxcxzx just gank me without warning me he used a waro interupter so i couldn´t fly away so or so not!
Kiara Wildmann > so wheres the problem to hold me down not shoot me down and message me its against the law?

Akasha wanted to help.

Akasha Thorne > listen
Kiara Wildmann > your not even listen to me Akasha so screw you
Kiara Wildmann > they just trying to get isk from me now trying to get isk
hiboman man > and what are you going to do
Akasha Thorne > you’re so mad over pixels
Kiara Wildmann > i´m not mad about the isk or the ship i´m mad that worthless scum thats dare to put such words in they own dirty mouth flying around bullying others and trying to make so isk
hiboman man > Kiara Wildmann i´m actualy scared of them that i just joined PH and now i live in null sec
zxcxzx > Kiara Wildmann you are now being hunted
Kiara Wildmann > i give a fuck
Claus Von Munchen > honestly Safety. might be the saddest group in the game, I feel sorry for you guys

Alas, Kiara was on tilt, and about to explode…

To be continued…