CoMeader wanted Safety.

He searched for Safety.

He even bought a mining permit.

Do you think he found Safety?


Can you guess the answer?


Scroll down, to read the rest of the story!

PLOT TWIST: Safety found him!

What happened?

CoMeader is a citizen of the Caldari State.

Here’s a finer point of Highsec law.

CoMeader crossed a RED LINE, into an active warzone.

The Yulai Convention is crystal clear.

As the story of Anvent Eturrer reminds us, the Gallente Federation is not fucking around, and criminals are not welcome. Leave now or be destroyed!

New Order agents are tasked, by CONCORD, with the apprehension of criminals.

Interdimensional Ganking Forces are the only capsuleers allowed across borders.

Obey the law, or face justice!

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  1. Misha

    Priceless. The fecundity of your humour draws me back here every morning, without fail! CoMeader being taught how to EVE!

  2. EhneaMehk

    Permits are a scam. It’s no wonder I come across one bewildered permit holder after another. Lousy ROI if you ask me. Fly what you can afford to lose and you’ll be fine.

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