Krig’s Korner

Guest posts can be purchased for 1 billion isk.


Hi. It’s me, Krig Povelli.

I paid a billion isk to show my drawing of Princess Aiko.

That chick be fine, and I’m a bird law expert!

Acomanii Shull recently noticed something about me…

I love orcas.

Uh oh…

I’m here to help!

However, help isn’t free.

His last words were pitiful.

Nobody likes a poor.

Do  you think he appreciated my help?

This is the thanks I get.

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Krig’s Korner”

  1. Annnnnnd the toxic nature of groups like SAFETY and its predecessor CODE continue to drive away new players.

    Well done, pillars of the community

    Ah well, it makes me appreciate Mike Azariah’s Operation: Magic School Bus more.

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