Still Griefing

CCP wants to protect griefers.

So they released a patch to protect crabs.

CCP values their most toxic customers.

Highsec miners are truly precious.

The new rules are clear.

Antigankers are so ineffective, that CCP stepped in like the referee of a boxing match. They’ve awarded gankers a technical knockout, declaring a stoppage and an end to the carnage. This is fair, because obsessive antigankers are ruining their own lives, desperately following me around and consistently failing to stop me.

I’m having fun, and they aren’t.

So CCP changed the rules of the game.

It will be more difficult to gank newbro freighters, which are used by Highsec wardeccers and nullsec blobbears.

Antigankers thought this was a big win.

It’s the end of ganking forever!


The gankers are done, right?

I decided to investigate.

Can I still board a Catalyst?

Can I undock my Catalyst?

Well, look at that.

I didn’t even do it for profit.

No tether required!

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