German Tears

EvE Online is often described as “submarines in space”.

Let’s see what Germans have to say.

What have you informal speaking gesaid?

Making the highsec gankers a little harder I know PvP is part of it, but could you make it a little harder for the highsec gankers? 6-8 catas with t2 weapons against a hulk has very little to do with being balanced. Is just an asshole behavior. Have already seen how 4 Coercer a Gila worth 1 billion. Dismantled ISK before Concord came. 50 million VS 1 billion. Something is going terribly wrong. I guess that’s also the reason why so many newcomers quit and the game has an average of only 20,000 players (including multi-boxers) online. e.g. No T2 weapons/ammo/modules in T1 ships Prevent the reset of the Concord.

It’s not fair when carebears pay to win, and then some ARSCHLOCH wants to PvP in a PvP game. It’s bad enough that PvP is even allowed, but it’s beyond ridiculous that gankers are allowed to dismantle isk. Also, T2 guns have no place on a T1 destroyer. CCPLEEZ!!!!!

Griefing freighters in a video game? NEIN!!!!!

Ganking freighters in real-life? JAWOHL!!!!!


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