Krig Povelli attended a Star Trek themed birthday.

All ROB’s friends (and alts) were there.

However, ROB vowed to kick Krig’s alt, and biomass.

ROB plays EvE Online in ironman mode.

Skywalker dropped a race card, reminding me of another miner, with a Star Trek name. This was HanSolo01 (along with HanSolo02 and HanSolo03), who happened to be piloting Hulks accompanying Skywalker. As I recall, HanSolo once made an appearance in minerbumping. This miner claimed gankers are racist, because they discriminate against the Russian “race”. Is Skywalker the victim of NATO discrimination?

Regardless, Krig’s alt Lucy had an objection.

It’s the old “It’s my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to” scam.

You would cry too, if it happened to you.

ROB decided to evacuate.

Lucy encouraged Skywalker to hurry.

Before biomassing, would Skywalker grant Lucy a medal?

I’m a boss b, but Skywalker is not.

Krig: 5 – Skywalker: 0

Skywalker needed to sober up and focus.

Would Lucy get a medal?

He told Lucy to get fucked, over and over.

ROB Skywalker was a bad sport.

He didn’t want to award a medal.

Fortunately, it was a happy birthday.

So, about that medal?

Skywalker was not mad.

He would rather die, than honor Lucy’s success.

Ultimately, ROB was not yet ready to biomass.

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