UedamaScout BANNED

UedamaScout advertises 24/7 activity.

That’s a lot of activity!

I first reported Jim over a year ago.

It was fairly obvious that Jim is a botter, because he scrolled up and down in local chat, all day long, day after day… and yet he did not answer convo requests from Taint Licker, even when those unopened messages were obscuring Jim’s broadcast. Obviously, if Jim were actually at his computer, he might pause for a moment in his ceaseless scrolling, in order to accept or reject the conversation. Instead, he would run multiple accounts, endlessly undocking pods and warping them to the same locations, over and over, almost exactly as if he were botting.

I didn’t think CCP would do anything.

According to one source, CCP devs do not see bots as a problem. The real problem, according to this perspective, is that players believe bots are a problem. CCP is supposedly gaslighting us, pretending the problem does not really exist – when we know better.

Indeed, for over a year, this bot botted endlessly, using his Twitch account to broadcast 24/7 automated ‘intel’.

Today I received eleven thank yous.

I’ve only reported one person.

So I checked his stream, where he was doing an automated giveaway…

Uh, that looks like a ban… Yes, he kept streaming while banned, almost like he wasn’t at his computer!

I am pleased to see that he was advertising this blog, when he finally encountered justice.



Although his alts are banned, Jim remains…

…for how long?

Double cheerzah!


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