Death of an antiganker, Part 2

Listening to: Haunt

Yesterday, we announced the death of Bloody Bear.

Today, he came to grips with reality.

He will never defeat me.

So he sent a video instead.

Army roleplay makes miners feel big.

He also linked another cringe video.

Five years ago, he supposedly defeated Zaenis Desef.

Is he actually a threat to anyone?

He added some bluster…

…and concluded with a message to gankers.

The videos made him feel like a man again.

What a silly bear!

I’ll haunt your nightmares
Little did you know that I like fear
When you jump, I’ll be right there
You should be afraid, you should be scared

Out of the darkness, out of the fear
It’s too late, I’m here now
I hope that you’re prepared, ’cause there’s no getting out

Don’t cross me or you’ll learn quick
The hard way that I’m not one to mess with
I got a mind full of mean tricks

You’re all alone, you’re on your own
It’s you and me, who’s going home?
Welcome to an in-game nightmare

A succubus preys on the weak
You better watch out for me
Mistakes were made, you will see
You should’ve never crossed me
Revenge is my calling

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