Tee Ka Gets PKd, Part 11

Tee Ka Gets PKd, Part 1

Another antiganking miner infiltrated my alliance.

Tee Ka thinks PvP is a sin.

So we targeted him, for our own Safety.

So he sent his alts to hunt us…

…and taunt us.

He nearly discovered cloaking technology.

He bragged about imaginary victories.


We sent our best bumper to help him out.

When will Tee Ka finally understand?

Meanwhile, his alts began ejecting, giving away easy killmails.

He served as a recruiter, telling other gankers about me.

Thank you Tee Ka.

What a guy.

Griefing Gone Wild

Listening to: Snoop

Hot or not?

Hey there.

You know how I do.

Just Aiko things.

We especially love to grief newbros.

TrickyNicky started off as an antiganker’s miner.

I walked all over him.

Hey. If you can’t beat me, join me.

Well, he tried his best.

This way little guy.

Wow, there you go!

Now that’s a neat trick, Nick!

Haha, we sure griefed that poor newbro streamer.

That’s how you play EvE Online.

When the miner’s in the belt
Drop it like it’s hot
Drop it like it’s hot
Drop it like it’s hot
When CONCRD try to get at you
Gank it like it’s hot
Gank it like it’s hot
Gank it like it’s hot
And if a freighter get a attitude
Pop it like it’s hot
Pop it like it’s hot
Pop it like it’s hot

And I roll the best weed ’cause I got it going on
Uh! I’m a nice gal, with some nice dreams
See these Catalysts, see these Coercers?
High security, million isk boats
The interior like red
Killer with the beat, I know killers that are elite
You should think about it, take a second

I’m a gangsta, but y’all knew that
Da Big Boss B, yeah I had to do that
Ain’t no other way to play the game the way I play
I can’t fake it, just break it, and when I take it
See I specialize in making all the miners get safe

Still Here

Listening to: 2Pac


Hey there.

Welcome to EvE Online.

In this game, you make your own fate.

I fly with the N.I.G.G.A CODE. SAFET crew.

That’s right. OHGOD <-just take a look


It’s not racist, according to 2pac himself.

It’d be more racist to let White progressive activists dictate language. If a Black rapper says that word isn’t racist, and he wants everyone to say it, then who am I to disagree? Who are you? Wow, who knew this blog would offer such a powerful learning moment?

o*=Thoughtful and Nuanced=*o

Like, for real yo. You can buy it on Amazon.

Some people choose to be miners.

Other people choose something else.

This could be your perspective.

However, my perspective is much better.

You know what I mean?

Why won’t anybody stop me?

I guess I’m just better than the rest.


I love taking out the trash!

End of an Era, Part 13

End of an Era, Part 1

Incursion bears are down and out.

Losing is never fun.

One by one, ‘leaders’ continue to resign.

We are much more organized than them.

We erased their isk!

Spreadsheet don’t lie.

Yet another ‘leader’ abandoned their own community.

Nobody needs a carebear FC…


Let’s gooooo!

Will Hawk keep going?

Of course…

Meanwhile, ex-leader Sasha continues to undermine morale.


To be continued…

Krig’s Korner, Episode 16

Krig’s Korner, Episode 15

What a battle.

Our team lost nothing.


One man, destroyed them all.

Arion Yael > TLHOG The safety guy took the drones
TLHOG > well the drones were always a sacrifes

It began with a fight over drones.

Manolo Acosta > Are they attacking you?
Arion Yael > Yeah
Manolo Acosta > run?
Arion Yael > I’m scrammed

Before long, things escalated.

Eloum Heir > My orca 🙁
TLHOG > did you lose it?
Eloum Heir > Not yet
BitComet > how much shiled u got left?
Eloum Heir > 28%
Eloum Heir > Help is coming
Aunmia Serine > Anyone arrived yet?
Aunmia Serine > well that was worth a try lol

However, help was on the way?

Rimmer of Smeg > ive got 3 on way but 6 jumps out
Rimmer of Smeg > if we free you get the hell docked
Rimmer of Smeg > and dont fly it for 30 days
Indigo Lockhaven > well concord got me

This is when things started to go wrong.

Terribly wrong.

Eloum Heir > My orca is almost dead
kaos hayabusa > damn man
Rimmer of Smeg > Eloum Heir allign to dock so you get out
Eloum Heir > I’m already alligned 🙂
kaos hayabusa > how much time estimated to die?
Rimmer of Smeg > someone finish him off!

Bro, wtf?