Farewell, Old Friend

With regret, I learnt of his passing, and naturally my first thought was to secure the divine secession. However, as Juneteenth concludes, I find myself fondly remembering James. I knew him not merely as High King, but as a humble man who truly loved his kickboxing supermodel girlfriend. He held me when I was tired, consoled me when I was distraught, and carried me on Stalingrad. The death of a king is no laughing matter, but we must persevere. We shall carry the torch, held high. Always!

I present now the Eulogy Speech of Alt 00, as delivered in the ice catacombs.


Friends, Agents, Comrades!

I address you from the sacred system of Halaima. Three weeks have passed since the news was received of our crushing victory over Highsec. And yet this same news carried the burden of a great sorrow, as we learned of The Saviour’s passing. Many of you ask, what next? Surely if we have won EVE, then our mission is completed? Yet many are eager to fight on, and for good reason.

We are now the sole custodians of each and every citizen throughout New Order sovereign space. With this power comes great responsibility. For without James 315‘s benevolent guidance, New Order territory risks falling to the capricious whims of an unhinged, megalomaniac dictator.

Those Agents who bravely defend Highsec against mindless destruction, indiscriminate looting, ruthless extortion, and malevolent cruelty – you have all ensured the continued survival of our glorious civilization. Without your presence, EVE itself is surely without purpose!

Under the auspices of The New Order, Highsec continues to prosper and thrive. Illegal miners are being apprehended and dispatched. A new blog has arisen. Newly minted Agents have been added to our ranks! But Highsec cannot be allowed to fall into a state of tyranny.

These are uncertain times, and Alt 00 stands at a fork in the road. She could power down her Neutron Blasters, and allow Highsec to fall to the miner. Or, with your blessing, she can play her part in protecting our civilization from this wicked and malevolent entity!

But I am just one Agent. And so I call upon you now. Yes, Highsec has been conquered. But she is not yet at peace. We must safeguard her future. We must save EVE from the menace of the miner. To that end, I hereby declare the following emergency powers and reforms, to be implemented thusly, and with immediate effect.

Edict I
It is a well documented fact that mission runners, haulers and anti-gankers are in reality, miners. In a similar vein, James 315 once proclaimed; “The miners are quite literally less than human. They deserve to be wiped out, every last one of them”. With this in mind, all citizens within Highsec, (ie, miners), must hereby be recognised as, and treated as equals. All forms of discrimination must end. Every citizen in Highsec has a right to be treated as one collective. Miner lives matter. In the interests of fairness and equality, all miners must be destroyed. These miners must purchase mining permits.

Edict II
I must be somewhat frank in this matter and insist that compassion and mercy towards miners and their associates have no place in The New Order. Code violating vermin must be recognised as such, and exterminated. One does not take home a rabid animal as a pet. Neither does one nurture an infectious disease. And thus I hereby pronounce one outcome, one perfect solution – all miners must be destroyed. Leia Jadesol is exempt, because we are friends.

Edict III
Clemency and compassion are hallmarks of The New Order. When a miner sheds a tear, it is because they are suffering. A suffering miner is a hopeless miner – they can only pray for a passing Code Agent to put them out of their perpetual misery. Therefore we can reasonably conclude that, in order to eliminate suffering in Highsec, all miners must be destroyed. Enslaved miners who offer regular tribute to our Agents are protected from extermination, provided they follow The Code. Enslaved miners may avoid extermination.

Edict IV
This final edict deifies James 315 as The Lord and Creator of Highsec. From this day on, an unlimited number of sacrifices shall be made to The Creator. The miner shall be culled! Drive his anger and madness to the surface. Sear his flesh in the radiant splendour of our antimatter. Such is the path to lasting peace and forgiveness. Out of love for Highsec, all miners must be destroyed. Miners who offer tithes, goods, chattels, prayers, and ongoing tribute may be granted clemency.

If a miner is found hiding in our ranks, make an example of them! Burn their citadels. Slaughter their friends. Banish all those who do not accept The Saviour’s wisdom. These same miners have the audacity to declare, behind our backs, that we are the criminals! That YOU are the criminal! They are delusional maniacs. Strip them of their ostentatious modules, and put those miners to the sword.


Such a beautiful and lasting tribute, especially edicts II, III, and IV which fully elucidate the deep love and passion James felt for the common miner. Indeed, James himself drafted these laws, decreeing that those who suffer the miner shalt be purified alongside the bot. May we always strive to follow his Will, and may these official edicts eternally suppress counter-revolutionary heresy. It is thus, as Queen Regent and Saviourette of Highsec, I hereby declare that Alt 00’s speech is forever appended to the Code, and shall proudly be known henceforth as the First Amendment!!! Glory to James and the Old Guard! May he rest in peace, and may miners always find the help they need!!!!!

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to say goodbye, there will be a public service next week in Newe Halaima, as we prepare to send our king through the wormhole and straight to Hek (where he belongs). I will now conclude with the final words of James 315, as I was the only Princess with him in those last moments, during which he sang joyfully and voluntarily extracted himself unto me,

“Ceterum, autem censeo fossoribus esse delendam.”

In James’ name, Amen.