The Best Revenge, Part 84

The Best Revenge, Part 1

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Previously on James315.Space… aiva naali, aka His Excellency Supremo the High Lord Grand Generalissimo, has long been the strategic mastermind behind Pandemic Horde’s crushing defeat. As the archmaester of Goonswarm, our ‘lil bullet is determined to achieve maximum efficiency within the Grand Armadee.

Agent Anvil gives the orders, and Princess Aiko executes his will.

A mere woman, the Princess is a loyal servant, but sometimes she interprets the orders a little too literally. She is still learning how to do her job.

The Mittani himself, as you may recall, had to personally intervene in order to ensure she was properly transmitting orders. When Mittens asked why lanceing fleet was moving so slowly, her answer left a lot to be desired.

The entire offensive ground to a leisurely halt.

Fortunately, there was some good news.

Just then, disaster struck!

The imperial suppercomputer had seen better days.

Via his cellphone, quantum informed High Command that he would need a little time, before he could return to the battlespace.

Meanwhile, there were other pressing issues.

Princess Cupcake urged quantum to save humanity.

Was this the end of quantum’s best revenge??? Would Pandemic Horde survive to fight again? Was the end of the world nigh at hand?????

To be continued…

BONUS: CCP Rise has drawn a CODE. police skin for the Atron!




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