Вбивства тижня

 Kills of the Previous Week

Once a week, we like to verify the New Order is alive, by listing our glorious ‘kills of the week’. Usually, all we can manage are a couple noob Ventures, and the occasional Retriever. However, this week was different. Here are some Радянські ведмеді, arrested between October 4 @ 00:00 and October 10 @ 23:59.

Stormgnun was buzzing about in a ship that technically could shoot back, and he was also a member of the secondmost wonderful alliance to ever exist in any reality. He felt truly invincible, cramming his cheap vessel full of magical items, which would assure him victory in any engagement. Alas, the North magnets respectfully descended with the fury of three icenados, and Stormgnun learned why you shouldn’t listen to salty nullbears, who pretend the CODE. isn’t a real thing. The Mittani has my regard.

People often ask me if ganking is profitable. What do you think?


Pomodor was celebrating the successful conclusion of his first month in EVE. He was a quick learner, proudly displaying his Consortium Vorton Projector, and decided it was time to invade Isanamo. Gallente Citizen, Our Lady Entropy, and Allie Vaille sent Pomodor straight to the biomass queue. Thanks for playing!

Apparently, EVE isn’t a pay to win game? Back to Candy Crush!


LANVIKA TheForkbeard is a notorious pirate. When Hillbilly-2000 and Ulianov discovered LANVIKA has been stealing my ore, they gave her a close shave and hung her giblets from a yardarm. We don’t tolerate space bullies in Highsec.


tokoroten eins is a scammer, who stole a Skiff from the Caldari Navy. The New Eden Institute of Applied Mathematics defeated him with numbers.


brandon pablon thought he was safe, without any CODE. agents in local. Unfortunately, Hell Dawn is basically the exact same group. If anybody gets a chance, ask Amonkhira Drell whether he is willing to SRP my hauler alts. I’m gonna guess not, isn’t that right? I’m just glad you finally got your Raitaru back, friend.


Silance McCrackin loved his Askleps, but Blade Rayl didn’t approve. Oh well.


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