The Best Revenge, Part 98

The Best Revenge, Part 1
The Best Revenge, Part 78

Previously, in Aiko’s EVE… One year ago, the Second Great War began with the vile duplicity of the Double Trader, Vily. All of this was anticipated by avia naali (aka aiva naali), a Highsec Orca pilot who vaulted to the highest ranks of Goonswarm.

Fortunately for the Swarm, Grandübergroßführer ‘lil Bullet anticipated the outbreak of hostilities, and was prepared for a two-front war.

avia ordered a series of sharp counterattacks to cover his withdrawal from Geminite. As always, Princess Aiko served as his personal liaison with the rest of Goonswarm, keeping him advised on every development.

Together, they conspired to foment civil war, between Pandemic Horde and Pandemic Legion. From time to time, the Mittani would encrypt hidden messages inside a public address, personally communicating with his overlord, avia.

While mining in Kamio, avia swept TEST from their staging regines, cutting off reinforcements. Subsequently, he began systematically shreading enemy structures. He also decided to purchase a personal command rorqual, toyed with a plan to bankrupt Perimeter Tranquility Trading Tower, and he applied to Karmafleet University.

When Princess Aiko was unavailable, Slackbot served as a trusted confidant, and was even given direct command of the Stain counteroffensive.

avia also nurtured the Homefront, employing cargo expanded Charons to rapidly move ore from “the box”, where heroic full digg speed rorquals conducted mining with the same vigour as any frontline soldier.

avia’s glorious counteroffensive blunted the enemy advance, but the front gradually stabilized, and Goonswarm was forced unto the defensive. Nevertheless, avia was a brilliant strategist, rallying the Swarm behind a wall of cynbo jams.

Meanwhile, he nervously eyed his application to Karmafleet.

It was time to pay his dues.

Even the leader of Goonswarm has to pay taxes.

To be continued…


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