Good Luck!

The CODE. always wins. Always!

A year ago, with CODE. permanently banned from the alliance tournament, and the tournament indefinitely cancelled, many doubted that CODE. would win yet another alliance tournament. Today, although CODE. remains a dead alliance, there is a probability that CODE. will win the next tournament. I can’t speak for Kadesh Priestess or the New Order Outreach Division, but some dots connect themselves.

Here is James 315′s interpretation of CCP’s decision.

I’m just a lowly gankerette, so I don’t have any meaningful insight into the tournament. Frankly, I came to EVE because arena PvP is boring. However, I must acknowledge a fact. The New Order Outreach Division, aka the king asked me to guard the mountain, aka Goryn Clade, aka Karmafeet, aka HYDRA RELOADED, aka Warlords of the Deep, aka This Game is Terrible, aka The Camel Empire, is doing a great job.

Meanwhile, I will remain in Highsec.

There’s just something special about this place.


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