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I am a top tier EVE Online champion.

Some people claim that mining permits are a scam.

The true scammers are bitterbear griefers who don’t want new players to be happy.

Let’s consider the benefits of a mining permit.

johnson Muvila bought a mining permit, after a long day of bumping.

When he was ganked, he bought an additional License ID CODE.

Aiko Danuja > Kill: johnson Muvila (Skiff)
johnson Muvila > can i ask why i was ganked? im a licensed miner 🙁
Aiko Danuja > You owe me money.
johnson Muvila > i thought i was paid off for a year?
Krig Povelli > Did you include the License ID Code?

Shortly thereafter, he lost another alt. 

Once again, he had a permit.

Does this look like a scam to you?

Main miner Lucas Malukker knew how to resolve this issue.

Problem solved.

He just needed an ID CODE for each alt.

Lucas loves me, and I would never scam him.

I’m the financial dominatrix Highsec needs.

He even sent a tip.

Lucas Malukker > alright it is done your highness, i am honoured to have been able to experience the great liberation of your cause 3 times in one day and i am grateful for your benevolence.
Lucas Malukker > i do have one question though, the code is the same “DURR-315” for all 3 accounts (i appreicate the humour lol) how can you be sure nobody will copy said code and play it off as their own
Aiko Danuja > it is registered to you
Lucas Malukker > i am glad to hear it, i trust your system and hope any false prophets will be vanquished by your glorious wrath
Aiko Danuja > Yes, you should be very happy now.
Lucas Malukker > i am indeed very happy and grateful for all you have done.
Aiko Danuja > Excellent news!
Lucas Malukker > Please accept another 100m as a token of my appreciation to you Princess Aiko Danuja, for all you do and say is right
Aiko Danuja > Very well, I will accept this.

It’s not a scam!

It’s the law.

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