The Notepad Trick

Yesterday, we learned about the antiganking notepad trick.

Gankers were amazed.

Today, we will learn more about the notepad doctrine.

When you are whoring on killmails, you want to whore on them all.

Antigankers compete to maximize their killboard padding/hr.

IRL losers build their legacy on meaningless killmails.

Future generations might wonder whether a 10’000 isk killmail was ‘valuable’. Ten thousand isk sounds like a lot, but CCP has assigned a value of $0.00015 per pod. In contrast, the average Venture has a value of 6 million isk ($0.09).

In terms of isk, Hyperion pods a Venture each year.

Desperation is apparent during the annual Halloween event (when otherwise destroyed items are lootable), as Hyperion scrambles to kill his alt as many times as possible, pretending that he is actually doing something. Some people accuse me of killboard padding, but antigankers are literally padding their killboard.

Shekelfist took Phyve Solette prisoner, so we could learn more.

Phyve revealed antiganking’s secret weapon.

Send 1 billion isk NOW to learn the secret.

Some people have turned killmail whoring into a science.


When will Phyve get bored of the whore lifestyle?

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