Farewell, Old Friend

With regret, I learnt of his passing, and naturally my first thought was to secure the divine secession. However, as Juneteenth concludes, I find myself fondly remembering James. I knew him not merely as High King, but as a humble man who truly loved his kickboxing supermodel girlfriend. He held me when I was tired, consoled me when I was distraught, and carried me on Stalingrad. The death of a king is no laughing matter, but we must persevere. We shall carry the torch, held high. Always!

I present now the Eulogy Speech of Alt 00, as delivered in the ice catacombs.


Friends, Agents, Comrades!

I address you from the sacred system of Halaima. Three weeks have passed since the news was received of our crushing victory over Highsec. And yet this same news carried the burden of a great sorrow, as we learned of The Saviour’s passing. Many of you ask, what next? Surely if we have won EVE, then our mission is completed? Yet many are eager to fight on, and for good reason.

We are now the sole custodians of each and every citizen throughout New Order sovereign space. With this power comes great responsibility. For without James 315‘s benevolent guidance, New Order territory risks falling to the capricious whims of an unhinged, megalomaniac dictator.

Those Agents who bravely defend Highsec against mindless destruction, indiscriminate looting, ruthless extortion, and malevolent cruelty – you have all ensured the continued survival of our glorious civilization. Without your presence, EVE itself is surely without purpose!

Under the auspices of The New Order, Highsec continues to prosper and thrive. Illegal miners are being apprehended and dispatched. A new blog has arisen. Newly minted Agents have been added to our ranks! But Highsec cannot be allowed to fall into a state of tyranny.

These are uncertain times, and Alt 00 stands at a fork in the road. She could power down her Neutron Blasters, and allow Highsec to fall to the miner. Or, with your blessing, she can play her part in protecting our civilization from this wicked and malevolent entity!

But I am just one Agent. And so I call upon you now. Yes, Highsec has been conquered. But she is not yet at peace. We must safeguard her future. We must save EVE from the menace of the miner. To that end, I hereby declare the following emergency powers and reforms, to be implemented thusly, and with immediate effect.

Edict I
It is a well documented fact that mission runners, haulers and anti-gankers are in reality, miners. In a similar vein, James 315 once proclaimed; “The miners are quite literally less than human. They deserve to be wiped out, every last one of them”. With this in mind, all citizens within Highsec, (ie, miners), must hereby be recognised as, and treated as equals. All forms of discrimination must end. Every citizen in Highsec has a right to be treated as one collective. Miner lives matter. In the interests of fairness and equality, all miners must be destroyed. These miners must purchase mining permits.

Edict II
I must be somewhat frank in this matter and insist that compassion and mercy towards miners and their associates have no place in The New Order. Code violating vermin must be recognised as such, and exterminated. One does not take home a rabid animal as a pet. Neither does one nurture an infectious disease. And thus I hereby pronounce one outcome, one perfect solution – all miners must be destroyed. Leia Jadesol is exempt, because we are friends.

Edict III
Clemency and compassion are hallmarks of The New Order. When a miner sheds a tear, it is because they are suffering. A suffering miner is a hopeless miner – they can only pray for a passing Code Agent to put them out of their perpetual misery. Therefore we can reasonably conclude that, in order to eliminate suffering in Highsec, all miners must be destroyed. Enslaved miners who offer regular tribute to our Agents are protected from extermination, provided they follow The Code. Enslaved miners may avoid extermination.

Edict IV
This final edict deifies James 315 as The Lord and Creator of Highsec. From this day on, an unlimited number of sacrifices shall be made to The Creator. The miner shall be culled! Drive his anger and madness to the surface. Sear his flesh in the radiant splendour of our antimatter. Such is the path to lasting peace and forgiveness. Out of love for Highsec, all miners must be destroyed. Miners who offer tithes, goods, chattels, prayers, and ongoing tribute may be granted clemency.

If a miner is found hiding in our ranks, make an example of them! Burn their citadels. Slaughter their friends. Banish all those who do not accept The Saviour’s wisdom. These same miners have the audacity to declare, behind our backs, that we are the criminals! That YOU are the criminal! They are delusional maniacs. Strip them of their ostentatious modules, and put those miners to the sword.


Such a beautiful and lasting tribute, especially edicts II, III, and IV which fully elucidate the deep love and passion James felt for the common miner. Indeed, James himself drafted these laws, decreeing that those who suffer the miner shalt be purified alongside the bot. May we always strive to follow his Will, and may these official edicts eternally suppress counter-revolutionary heresy. It is thus, as Queen Regent and Saviourette of Highsec, I hereby declare that Alt 00’s speech is forever appended to the Code, and shall proudly be known henceforth as the First Amendment!!! Glory to James and the Old Guard! May he rest in peace, and may miners always find the help they need!!!!!

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to say goodbye, there will be a public service next week in Newe Halaima, as we prepare to send our king through the wormhole and straight to Hek (where he belongs). I will now conclude with the final words of James 315, as I was the only Princess with him in those last moments, during which he sang joyfully and voluntarily extracted himself unto me,

“Ceterum, autem censeo fossoribus esse delendam.”

In James’ name, Amen.

Kage Rage, Part 4

Previously on James315.Space… Salt farmer kage1982 was systematically humiliating the mighty CODE. alliance. Indeed, CODE. agents were horrified to find that kage led a multialt alliance of Maoist rebels, who began conducting a successful #MLM protest in the MinerBumping channel.

kage1982 > Greeting CODE sinners, worshipers of James “20 chins” 315
Krig Povelli > Oh, are you still crying, miner?
kage1982 > Krig Povelli miner you sound mad
Artemis Borovetski > We taking control now
Artemis Borovetski > miners rise up
Adonis Onzo > MINERS RISE UP!
Artemis Borovetski > Everyone out here is an asshole.
God Emperor Kane > i know im one…
kage1982 > God Emperor Kane miner you seem mad, are you mad?
kage1982 > God Emperor Kane your salty tears are drowning the chat miner

Growler Dude did some research, and discovered a dark secret…

Growler Dude > https://zkillboard.com/kill/55114200/ butthurt since 2016. When CODE strikes, the scars are forever
kage1982 > Growler Dude wow miner your stalking skills are very good, takes some level of obsession to do that

After losing his Hulk to The Conference Elite in 2016, kage fled to Nullsec, where he lived like a barbarian and gradually succumbed to the Great Logging Off. However, when the Pandemic of 2020 forced kage into quarantine, he decided to once again return to New Eden and spread his virulence. Even worse, he somehow got it into his foolish RNA that he should replicate in Highsec.

In Uemisaisen (adjacent to Isanamo), kage thus decided to establish his farm, harvesting trigrats and selling them in the markets of Jita. Unfortunately, he failed to obtain a mining permit, and was arrested by Ernst Steinitz . These facts certainly outline the chronology of events, but yet the investigation has thus far unable to determine what kage Ernst was so upset about.

Unlike Ernst, kage1982 simply wasn’t upset at all.

Sensing weakness, and bolstered by an army of Chinese bots, kage1982 was prepared to lay siege to the CODE. naval yards in Isanamo…

To be continued…

Kage Rage, Part 3

Previously, on James315. Space… The Secretary General was sorting through the archives, where she discovered that kage1982 was extracting salt from members of the mighty CODE. alliance. How did this happen? Who was kage1982, and how was he so successful?

Much of kage’s salt farming operation was centered upon Ernst Steinitz, and kage relished that he could collect so many tears from Ernst.

kage1982 > greetings code sinners
Ernst Steinitz > Greetings
kage1982 >  calm down miner this is no place for your salty tears

On occasion, kage would put out a bucket and collect the “nosne” and “nonse” of other CODE. agents.

Your Awesum Brutha > Calm down miner
kage1982 > shut up sinner
kage1982 > blah blah blah miner blah blah jame blah blah blah mum wants me to pay rent now
Ernst Steinitz > poor kage
kage1982 > shit your draws then didnt you nonse
Ernst Steinitz > How are we today, kage?
kage1982 > shush nonse the adults are talking
kage1982 > quiet kiddy fiddler go back in your station
Your Awesum Brutha > Miner, you seem confused
kage1982 > you seem like nonse
kage1982 > still going on about that nosne
Your Awesum Brutha > still crying about that nonsense?
kage1982 > hardly crying about you being a nonse

The further one digs into the tale of kage1982, the closer one comes to an epicenter of pure nonse.

When kage wasn’t practicing his spelling, he worked on his numbers…

Ulianov > he did it at least 2 times
Ulianov > he spent hours doing so
Ulianov > started to count to 100
Ulianov > and started again when failing

I was eventually able to pinpoint the precise reason for kage1982’s mental breakdown source of kage1982’s salt extracting superpowers, by tracking him down inside another channel…

Channel Name: English Help
Session started: 2020.05.19

kage1982 > hey folks has the event skill points bug not been fixed yet?
Pedro Caesar > soon lol
kage1982 > soon how soon?
ebies > tomorrow ™
kage1982 > they said that yesterday
ebies > kage1982 but “tomorrow never comes”
kage1982 > aye true ive already lost 2 months of my life to lockdown

Driven mad by plagues, quarantines, prolonged isolation, and incompetent CCP project development, kage doubled down on highsec mining, and took a little trip to Lonetrek. It was not long before he would be returning to the channel, with a slightly different question…

Channel Name: English Help
Session started: 2020.06.23

kage1982 > how do you find out how much kill rights cost?
kage1982 > how do you know how much the prcie of kill rights are?
kage1982 > can anyone answer my question on kill rights

Something terrible must have transpired, between May 19 and June 23, which turned kage1982 into a relentless salt farmer. At one point, all he wanted was free skill points, but now he was wholly obsessed with killrights and the abject humiliation of Ernst Steinitz.

kage1982 > cunts
kage1982 > james 315 is a fat twat’
kage1982 > they are a bunch of c**nts
kage1982 > PEOPLE OF Isanamo THIS IS THE LAW

kage1982 > FREE EVE
kage1982 > CODE COWER IN Isanamo
kage1982 > james 315 is an extortionist skumbag
Ernst Steinitz > Please calm down miner

When kage grew tired of extracting salt from Ernst, he would travel to Jita and spread the Word…

Isaiah Bhaalgorn > HyperNet offer: Gila
MAMKIN PLEXOGOLIK > Предложение гиперсети: Large Skill Injector*
Zoona Proximo > HyperNet offer: Zarmazd
kage1982 > minerbumping <<<<<< join this channel and mock code
Alex ppt > HyperNet offer: Rattlesnake
Ysera Lux > HyperNet offer: Vindicator 20/48
Quick Viva > [Несколько предметов]
kage1982 > hand up if you hate the CODE
Cemile Gultepe > HyperNet offer: Machariel Blueprint
SouthKenny Park > [Multiple Items]
Roman Gustov > HyperNet offer: Naglfar Blueprint (Original) 379/512 NODES REMAIN!
Choomop > HyperNet offer: Revelation
Cracked Actor > HyperNet offer: Anshar / Nidhoggur / Thanatos / Marshal
Sigi Dijkstra > Предложение гиперсети: Praxis*

Naturally, he would extract salt from Erotica 1 alts…

Lily Delta > 5 mil recieved, 10 mil sent back! Check my BIO for more info!
kage1982 > Lily Delta still chattin shit
Judas Orland > [Stolen Corp Loot! Must sell Fast!!! Quick Profit! ONLY 9.5 BILLION ISK]
Lily Delta > 1 bil recieved, 5 bil sent back! Check my BIO for more info!
kage1982 > Lily Delta shut up
Radswanka Lebowski > HyperNet: Marshal / Thanatos
Lily Delta > Want to try the game, but afraid it’s a scam? Check out the screenshot in my BIO!
kage1982 > ^^^BULLSHIT SCAMMER
Astant en Bauldry > »»» HyperNet offer: Pithum A-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener «««

I was starting to wonder, not that kage seemed upset, but just what might he theoretically be upset about?

IllumuIll Estemaire > kage1982 who ganked your venture?
Koizumi Taira > just go zkillboard… it was far from Venture.
kage1982 > ooohh salt again yay
kage1982 > proper noob tears of salt that cant take what you give out

To be continued…

The Plague of Nakugard, Part 10

The Plague of Nakugard, Part 1

Previously on James315. Space… Alt 00 sought to protect the miners from their own self-inflicted pestilence, but the Chinese botting virus claimed a morbid toll. Alt systematically purged the system with neutron blasts, dissembling the virus before it could replicate, but would this be enough to save Nakugard? As unrepentant miners continued to resist best practice safeguards, Alt decided it was time to make an example.

As James 315 once observed, “Highsec miners are like a box of chocolates. You never really know what’s inside until you tear the box open.” Some miners are idon’tcare bears, and other miners are goofus bears, but Cassiopaia Fondana was a cringy crybear. According to zkill, she lost an estimated $0.54, enough to feed her entire village for a week. I recently got a breakfast taco for $1.50, and I can only imagine how I might feel if Alt 00 grabbed a third of it. Cassiopaia’s lip trembled.

As Cassiopaia stared in dismay at her half eaten ice cream cone, melting on the concrete and already attracting ants, she began to realize that she would never, never, be able to play with her retriever ever again. Oh dear, she might be able to buy another retriever, but it just wouldn’t be the same barge, and tears began to well up in her sensitive eyes. Goodbye fair retriever, goodbye old friend…

Cassiopaia dealt with the situation just as she might deal with a similar crisis in real life. She began to stomp her feet, and gesticulated with her flailing hands. It was precisely the example Alt 00 intended, as the other miners began to notice a commotion.


It was precisely at this moment that Alt 00 made a power play, demonstrating once and for all the almighty power of the Code, praise be unto James on High!

Cassiopaia knew she would never see her barge again, and her wailing became increasingly shrill. Fortunately, she was invited to the premier Why Was I Ganked? channel, where New Order agents were standing by to help her.

Meanwhile, Cassiopaia continued to rend her garments in Nakugard local…

Everyone in Nakugard could see what happens when you disobey the safety regulations of the New Order, and they watched in horror as Cassiopaia gnashed her teeth.

The hapless bot was soon reduced to mere repetition in all channels…

The other miners did not want to wind up like Cassiopaia, and agreed it would be best to dock up and respect the quarantine. It was, as they say, another happy ending for the New Order. The ice floated free, unmolested and untainted by the foul mining pestilence.

The Plague of Nakugard, Part 9

The Plague of Nakugard, Part 1

Previously on MinerBumping… Alt 00 exerted her supreme authority as Nakugard’s resident epidemiologist, enforcing a strict curfew and no fly zone. As always, she was supported by her trusty assistant, Alt 0. Unfortunately, several miners ignored the government advisory, and had to be put down for public safety.

As the miners were brought into the medical clinic for hygienic inspection, they were in awe of Alt 00’s beauty, and seized this opportunity to finally speak with a woman. As you might imagine, the miners were poorly socialized.

The infection was spreading rapidly, and Alt 00 feared the miners had little chance of recovery. When one aspirant was asked to prove he was not a bot, by purchasing a mining permit, the results were alarming. Alt 00’s medical notes describe the situation in clinical detail.

As Alt 00 was dealing with this goofus, another undocked…

The situation was continuing to deteriorate, and miners were dying like flies. Alt 00 summoned the local AFK council, urging them to stay inside their assigned quarantine stations. Indeed, it was for their own good. However, led by Coco Frost, the council was seduced by a desire for easy isk. It was much like the film Jaws, in which the protagonist struggles to clear a beach of parasites, while the local town council obsesses about tax revenue. How many would die before the council took action?

It was clear the miners could not be reasoned with. Therefore, it was time to make an example, showing that the mighty CODE. alliance would not and could not be ignored.

To be continued…

Kills of a Week

As we adjust our weekly cycle in accordance with the moons, we find ourselves contemplating a week which is vaguely defined between July 5 @ 00:00 EVEtime through July 11 @ 23:59 EVEtime…

Cosmina 1 was loading her Rhea in Jita, when everything went tits up, thanks to Firebush, Ayannae, Bob Mechanic, and Jayson Kusion. A lot of miners don’t respect our friends in Goonswarm, and I suggest those bots read the Code.

Some Chinese botters thought they could hide their Azbel, but they soon had visuals of Chicken Soup, Ms Ruby, Artio Celts, and SidtheKid100. Apparently CODE. actually does go into null sec, where they seem to do rather well.

T’dara read the preceding Kills of the Week, and realized that salvage marauders are no longer part of the meta. However, she still got dunked, by Eva Mavas, Shadow Redemption, Seamus Scrapmagnet, and Aiko Danuja.

Like most all miners, vorlextia just wanted to get rich the easy way. After taking an EVE University course on mining, she skittered off to Niarja and got dunked on by Pod-Goo RepoWoman and Aaaarrgg. I guess ORE Strip Miners aren’t that good at PvP.

characterID 95623671 took the same EVE University course, and decided to fit its Ore Strip Miners unto a Hulk. What could possibly go wrong? Hillbilly-2000, Just-Another-Code-Alt Auralis, and Daystalker 2020 were happy to help the bot uninstall.

nimbadhe didn’t trust banks, and decided to hide his isk inside a pod. He was surprised to encounter our outfit, getting blapped by Aaaarrgg. That name sounds really familiar.

BONUS CONTENT: Nor Relbats was recently mining in Jufvitte, when he encountered a New Order destroyer. He believed his Orca was safe, until suddenly he was confronted by a New Order battleship. Oops!

It appears Nor did not learn his lesson, nor was his artificial intelligence capable of adapting. Indeed, a few minutes later, his alt Ron Relbats had an identical experience. I guess Orcas aren’t safe in highsec? 

The Best Revenge, Part 78

The Best Revenge, Part 1

Previously, on MinerBumping… 140 aka lil’ bullet aka GewnFührer Naali has been measuring his girth, for reasons which have absolutely no connection whatsoever to irregular rental payments rendered upon the official agents of James 315, Landlord of the Delve.

In a mysterious Discord, Princess Butter Cupcake has also been struggling to teach Agent Anvil, aka FighterJets GuitarSolo 1000Years, aka quantum, how to drive a car. This was done so that the Suppercomputer might obtain a real job and have a real life in a real country doing real adult things like delivering real pizzas (and maybe even working in a real coal mine).

Although his brain was capable of articulating the finer points of interdimensional mechanics, and the application of fluid dynamics in a direct drill approach through the epicenter of Fort Knox in order to assassinate [REDACTED], quantum often struggled with the subtle nuances of the Vehicular Ordinance Code. Fortunately, our CODE. social workers are eager to help. Always!

As quantum’s tutor attempted to teach the fundamental difference between x>500 and x≥500, the other bigger students saw a chance to butt in and grab a little extra credit for themselves. As you might imagine, quantum was not happy, watching helplessly as Tweeps awarded himself a gold star and began strutting around like a huge peacock.

It wasn’t fair! Tweeps took the gold star, and quantum was left with nothing. Indeed, many miners struggle when reality does not fit neatly into their preconceived theories. They desire the ice and ore, and imagine it flowing deep inside, but they never quite connect the dots. Instead, quantum decided to prematurely terminate his education, and skip straight ahead to fantasy empire building, within a fantasy spaceship game. Indeed, his fantasy was a fantasy within a fantasy.

Class was dismissed, and the invisible beehive stirred busily into action, as lanceing fleet buzzed merrily out of the keepstar. It seemed that all was well in the Imperium, but the reality was that Goonswarm teetered upon the brink of bankruptcy. Quantum contemplated various means to balance the budget. Perhaps expenses could be reduced, or maybe increased?

In lieu of a sudden financial miracle, the only possible solution would be to generate maximal science fiction and thereby devise a wholly new fantasy reality within the fantasy within the fantasy.

Verily, if Scientologists can have faith in Xenu, then the Imperium can have faith in Aiva.

To be continued…

BONUS CONTENT: During the previous post, I revealed the manner in which former fans continually pester the General Secretary, nagging ceaselessly about what they would do differently, if only they could do anything at all.  Whereas my post on Thursday was “too short”, the post on Friday was “too long”. If this sounds like an episode of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, then you understand perfectly.

Let’s put on our real talk hat for a moment. Ok, look, if long self-congratulatory essays about myself and my inevitable victory are not your cup of tea, then you might be searching for another Princess. I thus present to you Pink_PrincessXX, better known by her ingame name: La Sirena Octavius.

As you will see, even La Sirena is a fan of the blog, exhibiting a noticeable reaction when she discovers a “not dodgy… rabbit hole”:  DistinctFascistPenguinPhilosoraptor Zoom in on that face and watch closely. Wait for it… that’s right, you know she likes us.

La Sirena went on to audition for the role of authentic CODE. princess, and I have to acknowledge that she might make a valuable member of the Bonus Brigade:  CheerfulSplendidClintSpicyBoytoy I’ll catch you in highsec! La Sirena was thus enjoying her new friends, and whoops!  LitigiousBelovedRabbitFurry

If I didn’t know better, I’d imagine that somewhere in EVE all the elite PvPers are sitting in a secret chat channel and having conversations like this:

Aiko Danuja > theres a streamer in local: https://www.twitch.tv/pink_princessxx
Aiko Danuja > in the tristan
SilverFoX Katelo > ok thx

Eventually, it was time to go, and La Sirena had to admit the truth: RenownedAnnoyingDogeChefAnnFrank At least she isn’t wasting her time in a mining barge, and we hope she enjoyed the chatroom PvP!

Inb4, “You have too much bonus content.”

Kage Rage, Part II

Previously, on James 315.Space... kage1982 was reaping a bountiful harvest of CODE. salt. As the alliance archives began to overflow, one intrepid space secretary investigated the tumult in sunny Isanamo.

kage1982 > JAMES 315 CAN SUCK MY BALLS

kage1982 > 315 SUCK MY BALLS

kage1982 > 315 SUCK MY BALLS

kage1982 > DEATH TO THE CODE

kage1982 > I AM THE LAW

Krig Povelli > Sounds like he might be broke

kage1982 > GO FUCK YOUR SELF

Koiso Komatsu > such a goofus

kage1982 > NONSES

Since 2012, the mighty CODE. alliance has offered free spelling and composition coursework for illiterate miners, available for just three billion isk per hour. kage1982 was determined to master multisyllable words, and eagerly enrolled at our award-winning Isanamo campus.

Ernst Steinitz > Some miners never learn

MINERBITCH > leeson done lernt

Knowledgeminer > LOL that kage1982, he was still mad?

Ulianov > yes

Knowledgeminer > I cannot imagine how mad he must be

Ernst Steinitz > he blocked me

On occasion, Kage would participate in solitary spelling bees…

[ 2020.05.29 19:18:57 ] kage1982 > BABY
[ 2020.05.29 19:18:59 ] kage1982 > GO
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:00 ] kage1982 > ALL
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:02 ] kage1982 > NIGHT
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:09 ] kage1982 > SOMETIME
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:12 ] kage1982 > ANYTIME
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:15 ] kage1982 > SUGAR
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:16 ] kage1982 > ME
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:18 ] kage1982 > SWEET
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:22 ] kage1982 > LITTLE
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:25 ] kage1982 > MISS
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:28 ] kage1982 > AH
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:31 ] kage1982 > INNOCENT
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:34 ] kage1982 > SUGAR
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:36 ] kage1982 > ME
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:39 ] kage1982 > YEAH
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:40 ] kage1982 > YEHA
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:45 ] kage1982 > SO
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:51 ] kage1982 > CMON
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:53 ] kage1982 > TAKE
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:54 ] kage1982 > A
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:57 ] kage1982 > BOTTLE
[ 2020.05.29 19:19:59 ] kage1982 > SHAKE
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:00 ] kage1982 > IT
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:01 ] kage1982 > UP
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:06 ] kage1982 > BREAK
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:07 ] kage1982 > THE
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:09 ] kage1982 > BUBBLE
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:12 ] kage1982 > BREAK
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:13 ] kage1982 > IT
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:15 ] kage1982 > UP
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:25 ] kage1982 > POUR
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:27 ] kage1982 > SOME
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:29 ] kage1982 > SUGAR
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:30 ] kage1982 > ON
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:32 ] kage1982 > ME
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:34 ] kage1982 > IN
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:35 ] kage1982 > THE
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:37 ] kage1982 > NAME
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:38 ] kage1982 > OF
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:41 ] kage1982 > LOVE
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:43 ] kage1982 > POUR
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:44 ] kage1982 > SOME
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:45 ] Andross Kaelen > Kill: Diana Denisowna (Leopard)
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:46 ] kage1982 > SUGAR
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:51 ] kage1982 > ON
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:54 ] kage1982 > ME
[ 2020.05.29 19:20:57 ] kage1982 > CMON
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:01 ] kage1982 > FIRE
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:01 ] kage1982 > ME
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:04 ] kage1982 > UP
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:08 ] kage1982 > POUR
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:09 ] kage1982 > SOME
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:10 ] kage1982 > SUGAR
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:12 ] kage1982 > ON
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:13 ] kage1982 > ME
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:16 ] kage1982 > I
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:18 ] kage1982 > CANT
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:20 ] kage1982 > GET
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:25 ] kage1982 > ENOUGH
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:30 ] kage1982 > IM
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:31 ] kage1982 > HOT
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:33 ] kage1982 > STICKY
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:35 ] kage1982 > SWEET
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:39 ] kage1982 > FROM
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:40 ] kage1982 > MY
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:42 ] kage1982 > HEAD
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:43 ] kage1982 > DOWN
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:47 ] kage1982 > TO
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:50 ] kage1982 > MY
[ 2020.05.29 19:21:51 ] kage1982 > FEET
[ 2020.05.29 19:25:11 ] Sexy Shower Time > You have a unique way of creating content

He would also practice his maths…

[ 2020.05.29 19:33:40 ] kage1982 > 1
[ 2020.05.29 19:33:40 ] kage1982 > 2
[ 2020.05.29 19:33:41 ] kage1982 > 3
[ 2020.05.29 19:33:42 ] kage1982 > 4
[ 2020.05.29 19:33:43 ] kage1982 > 5
[ 2020.05.29 19:33:44 ] kage1982 > 6
[ 2020.05.29 19:33:45 ] kage1982 > 7
[ 2020.05.29 19:33:46 ] kage1982 > 8
[ 2020.05.29 19:33:46 ] kage1982 > 9
[ 2020.05.29 19:33:48 ] kage1982 > 10

…and kage joined the campus choral club…

kage1982 > I CAN DO IT SO I WILL


kage1982 > I CAN DO IT SO I WILL


Krig Povelli > I would like to request “I’m Blue” by Eiffel 65

[ 2020.05.29 20:01:00 ] kage1982 > heres
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:01 ] kage1982 > the
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:03 ] kage1982 > story
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:05 ] kage1982 > about
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:06 ] kage1982 > a
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:07 ] kage1982 > little
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:09 ] kage1982 > guy
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:10 ] kage1982 > who
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:11 ] kage1982 > lives
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:12 ] kage1982 > in
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:13 ] kage1982 > a
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:15 ] kage1982 > blue
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:16 ] kage1982 > world
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:19 ] kage1982 > and
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:20 ] kage1982 > all
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:21 ] kage1982 > day
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:22 ] kage1982 > and
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:25 ] kage1982 > all
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:27 ] kage1982 > night
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:29 ] kage1982 > everything
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:30 ] kage1982 > he
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:31 ] kage1982 > sees
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:33 ] kage1982 > is
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:34 ] kage1982 > just
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:36 ] kage1982 > blue
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:38 ] kage1982 > like
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:43 ] kage1982 > him
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:45 ] kage1982 > inside
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:46 ] kage1982 > and
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:50 ] kage1982 > outside
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:53 ] kage1982 > blue
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:55 ] kage1982 > his
[ 2020.05.29 20:01:58 ] kage1982 > house
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:00 ] kage1982 > and
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:03 ] kage1982 > his
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:05 ] kage1982 > blue
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:07 ] kage1982 > window
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:09 ] kage1982 > and
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:09 ] kage1982 > a
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:11 ] kage1982 > blue
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:15 ] kage1982 > corvette
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:22 ] kage1982 > and
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:40 ] kage1982 > every
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:42 ] kage1982 > thing
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:43 ] kage1982 > hje
[ 2020.05.29 20:02:46 ] kage1982 > sees
[ 2020.05.29 20:03:10 ] kage1982 > is
[ 2020.05.29 20:03:12 ] kage1982 > just

As I proceeded with my investigation of the Isanamo incident, it wasn’t clear whether kage1982 is a goofus, but I discerned a pattern.

To be continued…

BONUS CONTENT: I was recently relaxing in the elite director’s only Omegle channel, where I was angrily confronted by one of our former fans. After a thoroughly autistic meta-analysis, they were shocked to discover that the previous blog post had been stepped on! Although the length was a respectable 712 words, fully 15% was copied and pasted from Jita local and the English Help channel. Yikes! Can you imagine snorting a line of your favourite blog, and then realizing that you are done for the day? Double yikes! This is precisely what Stephen King was concerned about when he wrote Misery. Don’t worry miner, just send a few billion isk to James 315, and I’ll get you the good stuff.

BONUS ENDORSEMENT: If you aren’t an ASL voice verified Marshal of the Old Guard, you might be wondering whether the Good News is true. Has the blog returned, to save us all again? Well, last night on the Twitch, an official space angel descended from the Heavens to speak unto Zaenis and unmute the Word. Full faith or no faith, always!

Kage Rage

As the official CODE. secretary, I recently discovered 150 megabytes of salt…

Kagemaru Ingano > New Year Lotto!!! Win your own Astero with only 5,28M to start your own explorations TODAY!!! 10more to go New Year Lotto!!! Win your own Astero with only 5,28M to start your own explorations TODAY!!! 10more to go

Kageoni Atumaru > HyperNet offer: Corelum C-Type 10MN Afterburner HyperNet offer: Coreli A-Type 5MN Microwarpdrive HyperNet offer: Coreli A-Type 1MN Afterburner

Kagemaru Ingano > New Year Eve Lotto : Win your own Gila with 35M only

When you search through the voluminous CODE. archives, you learn to despise Jita, which clogs the chat logs with endless trash. I was looking for kage1982, but he wasn’t in Jita, at least not on this day. I needed to refine my search.

I eventually found him with the wayback machine…

Channel Name: English Help

kage1982 > Hi guys i redeemed my Skill points for the log on rewards but instead of applying them its given me an item i cant use or move

That’s right friend, we are always listening – always! Now that we know what we are searching for, we can easily pick him out of a crowd, even in Jita.

Steelbreaker Onzo > HyperNet offer: Rattlesnake HyperNet offer: Large Skill Injector HyperNet offer: Panther HyperNet offer: Golem HyperNet offer: Paladin less than 4 mil per node!

kage1982 > Ernst Steinitz off to kill your mates instead

TARANTUL BEL > Предложение гиперсети: @@@@@@@@@@Republic Fleet Medium Shield Extender*

EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Sobaseki
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Isanamo

Sometimes he appears like a faint echo, far too late to affect reality…

[ 2020.05.22 21:17:03 ] Ernst Steinitz > No Permit = No Ship
[ 2020.05.22 21:17:20 ] kage1982 > watch for code

Occasionally, he is triggered, exploding like a bomb… In other cases, he will just give you the silent treatment.

Kinch Dedalus > how much is a permit?

kage1982 > code a bunch of grown men who have very sad uninteresting real lives so the pretend to be some authority on here going round attackign miners and other random players all to cover the shortfallings of real life where they are sad pathetic loosers who dont matter

Kinch Dedalus > sounds like you didnt have a permit

kage1982 > i can give you deatailed instructons of where to shove your permit

Blitz Kishunuba > i suggest you read the code

kage1982 > i sugest you shove a sansha ship up your arse

kage1982 > honestly i recon these sad twats go around telling folk they are “pro gamers” when in fact they a low class dole scum

kage1982 > best way to haze code is block their toons

When Overmind logged in to praise me and check if he was even still in CODE., Kage was already there, attacking the confused ‘agent’ with unprecedented accuracy.

kage1982 > Overmind Niminen you just sit there and cower in your station

Meanwhile, kage infiltrated the MinerBumping channel, where he boldly announced that he wasn’t intimidated by CODE.’s fearsome reputation. 

zander kage > honestly though rare i bother with this toon but thought id drop by to let you know what shitbags you are

zander kage > go on all you like about ganks son not phasing me

Your Awesum Brutha > Calm down miner

zander kage > proper noob tears of salt

Ernst Steinitz > Please calm down miner

zander kage > i drink your salty tears

Sun-Tzu Rollard > he is a tough guy

zander kage > you seem mad

Your Awesum Brutha > are you interested in buying a permit?

zander kage > are you interested in stopping crying?

Faster Eddy > lol, another day, another angry illegal miner

zander kage > calm down

zander kage > calm your salty tears

zander kage > calm down you seem mad

In a galaxy full of CODE. Space Bullies, one man is always ready to dish out the salt.

zander kage > im guessing you have to play space bullies because daddy isnt proud of you

To be continued…

Bonus Content: Pix Severus has recently decided to continue his blog, MTU Hunter. Check it out! As you know, mining structures will often explode and shower bystanders with miner bits. Some people enjoy “treasure hunting on a galactic scale”, and this hobby is certainly more respectable than mining in Isanamo.



Miner, Don’t Beat Your Wife! – Part 2

Previously on James315.Space… Rob-MMC’s wife was driving the family mining business into bankruptcy, and he needed 300 billion isk… fast!

ROB-MMC > The website is saying Im at a plex limit for today…..this is dumb…..aint yall the code……it wont let me buy more than the 500 plex i just bought…

ROB-MMC > I bought 2500 plexs and now they say i have to wait…..I thought you guys controlled the game……Can yall allow me to purchase more Plex as 300 bil ISK is not easy to get

Oxycon > Please bio mass all your characters

Rob’s bank didn’t trust him with money, and he began to feel desperate, contemplating a little illegal mining.

ROB-MMC > You cant mine in low or null sec as they kill you on site and say go back to hi sec…..so where the fuck do you mine…ha ha ha…..I really am trying to know

BillNye TheGankerGuy > karmafleet is recruiting

ROB-MMC > Lmmfao………Karmafleet they have killed me several times….they ran me from Amarr and Minmater space….they are mean as hell and hate everyone

ROB-MMC > Thsi was wayyy back in Oshiama………..I was happy here….but they just wanted war…….and they dropped my orcas like flyes…….ha ha ha…..so I moveed here and now yall at war as well…

ROB-MMC > When you ask to join they deny you…..its like high school

ROB-MMC > So people like me need a new game as this is a friends only game….see CCP needs to say that like only join if you have friends……so confusing

Dom Arkaral > something something make friends? git gud

It occurred to Rob that football players and cheerleaders were probably doing well in EVE, and meanwhile he was just a bitter jellybear.

ROB-MMC >  Ive lost 6 orcas I thought they was going for my orca, but hit my wife……..thanks alot….but still i just want to be safe in hi sec

mat Otsito > high sec is by far the most dangerous place

Rob’s sob story was pitiful, but he still owed 300’000’000’000 isk to James 315.

ROB-MMC > I cant afford that and cant buy the plex…so I should quit and go beat the fuck out my wife as she the cause and now I cant do shit on my off day but look at her…..Yeak slapping the shit out of her…..soon as i guess log off….yall hate me now and will kill on sight thanks for the info and I should have kept this game to myself as bitches ruin everything

mat Otsito > what?

ROB-MMC > ok ok……..fuck the other 2 accts, she omega and my son is alpha……..Ill delete them now……..Can I have my main released from this EVE ass courtroom……I wanna mine….I just told this bitch she will be a single homeless parent she touch my fucking eve game…….so can i please get back to mining

Sun-Tzu Rollard > are you admitting that you are account sharing?

ROB-MMC > Im on her account fuck yes….cause she caused this….i docked my main and he sitting there……..

Oxycon > ROB434 Mays I guess this is your main then

ROB-MMC > YESSSSSSS can you not block or red flag him please

The discovery of another ROB account revealed endless pain and heartbreak…

Rob was ready to kill his entire family…

ROB-MMC > But I have 3 computers ijn my house and only use one at a time….thats why its 3 accts not 1 acct and 2 alts
ROB-MMC > I play my way and they play theres
ROB-MMC > I can delete this acct now and my son shit can be gone as we;ll

If allowing the miner to vent his profanities toward me in local saves his wife or children one extra beating, that’s something I’ll gladly take. The miner has to take it out on somebody, and I’d rather it be me than some household full of children out there.

In his infinite wisdom, James 315 foresaw such depravity, and agents of the CODE are trained to intervene and assist troubled miners.

mat Otsito > can i have your stuff before you biomass
Oxycon > Are you having some sort of mental breakdown?
Lord Osama3rd Hita > lol
Dom Arkaral > ↑

The miner was relieved to find someone he could talk to…

ROB-MMC > I work 16 hr shift at work and I play this game everyday there and its my peace of mind…….and yes i am if i have to kill this bitch for ruining my game…..she be facebook, instagram…….all that stupid shit…but wanna fuck up my eve…she lucky im on her acct trying to save it and not kicking her ass til I feel better or find 300 bil in ISK

ROB-MMC > stupid ass girl…i wanna kill her

Dom Arkaral > uhm

ROB-MMC > I was enjoying my day,,,,,,and this goof ass girl and made enemies with yall and now she upfront looking stupid and all yall wanna kill me for her stupidity

BillNye TheGankerGuy > get some help

Dom Arkaral > just log off

Knowledgeminer > wtf

Rob’s audience was increasingly appalled by his toxic masculinity, but one veteran goofus piped up to express miner solidarity.

Kariza Yang > Honestly. I can relate. I’m a disabled combat vet and play to relax.

Miners disgust me.

BONUS CONTENT: Back in 2015, James 315 created the The Official Twitter Account for Minerbumping and the New Order of Highsec.For the past five years, he has retained this closely guarded communications channel, utilized by senior directors of The Conference Elite. Now that we are wholly victorious across all of New Eden, James has solemnly authorized this Twitter account as the official VOICE of Highsec. Praise be unto James, whence floweth all good things!