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What day is it? Oh man, what a kerfluffle. What is a girl to do?

Calm down, I got this.

EARLY BONUS: If you read all the way to the bottom, sometimes you find a little something extra for the faithful. I better put it at the top, in case you have the ADHD. Check out this tight video by Zaenis Desef and watch


That’s right, I can turn images into hyperlinks! Dayum, that’s the best EVE trailer ever, except for one I’ll link another day. Now here are some bears that got wrecked between August 23 @ 00:00 EVEtime and August 29 @ 23:59 EVEtime.


Eyar02 was a good for nothing thief, but elite New Order agents brought him to justice. Back when I dunked Pranav Singh‘s orca, I just knew that he was gonna be inspired to start ganking. I guess that’s why they call me the Highsec Goddess. Pranav wanted Eyar dead, and accompanied my alts Aiko Danuja, Shilliam Watner, Minx Mattel, Shadow Fireball, Ariarno, Butter Button, and don’t forget Hide Yo Freighters!

Pranav knows what a big deal I am, and politely asked me to blog his own content. If you are into bubble blobs, I guess you might find this video interesting, but where is CONCORD? I don’t know, but Pranav has a great life story.

[ 2019.08.13 02:31:59 ]

AGBee 001 > !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 注意力惊慌失措的恐怖分子矿工:我们准备使用武力。 Highsec人民解放援助小组正在这里恢复 James 315的 和谐。!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Attention deranged terrorist miners: we are prepared to use force. The Highsec People’s Liberation Army Assistance Group is here to restore James 315’s harmony.!!!!!! !!!!! !!!! !!! !!+
Aiko Danuja > This is your final warning!
Whadda Badasaz > GLORY TO THE OLD GUARD!
Aiko Danuja > Pranav Singh You have been convicted as a member of Strategic Exploration and Development Corp
Viktor Rahl > that’s what you get for acting the mickey
Aiko Danuja > Praise James \o/

 You’re welcome!


Khaleeci Ve traded away her dragons, and was promptly obliterated by Ernst Steinitz. How did he know she had ORE miners? The best part of the story is that she immediately biomassed. A lot of people have flagged this kill as an example of real money trading, and it certainly is. CCP thanks Khaleeci for her mining service.


RosefinchS spent a lot of money on her Golem. I have no idea why it was so expensive, CCP must be scamming these miners. Fortunately, Alleil Pollard, Gallente Ambrye, Shadow Cyrilus, and MrDiao helped me take out the trash.


Coreleon was operating with an EDENCOM fleet, in direct violation of the Halaima Halama. What was he thinking? When a New Order fleet warped in, composed of elite CODE. agents and their Triglavian Initiative allies, Coreleon panicked. He deliberately tried to repair our scout. That’s illegal in my Highsec! I guess CONCORD just doesn’t like these bot aspirant miners. When we noticed that Knowledgeminer was in the fleet, we came back and dunked him too.


Knowledgeminer isn’t the only antiganking goofus to fail daily. His little dog Kippy Kipster uses the exact same fit as Knowledgeminer, and she dared to try and protect Isanamo’s 1 day old bot Ventures. Kippy vanished after her location was triangulated by the New Eden Institute of Applied Mathematics. I’ve heard a lot of insults leveled at our agents, but “dumb and uneducated” isn’t one of them. Most of us are tenured professors, and we like to gank during office hours. I have a meeting. Read Chapter 2.


Trade Chee wanted to be a nullsec nomad, but got a reality check when he was wrecked by Charlotte Rackner, Yan Rackner, and Kimberly Rackner.


Den Talidar thought we are afraid to leave Highsec, but he was dead wrong. Sometimes we like to relax and have a good time. Autumn Schereau was accompanied by Liam Shotson and Lynx Trild. Here’s a hint: stay cloaked.


ronnie ballz is just another wierdo who replaced his brain with implants. They didn’t seem to help him much. I’d screenshot the implants, but trust me, they aren’t worth it. Ernst Steinitz didn’t even bother to scoop the frozen biomass.


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