The Best Revenge, Part 90

The Best Revenge, Part 1
The Best Revenge, Part 78

Previously, in James 315 Space… Lord Star Emperor avia naali, aka aiva naali, aka Astevon, aka Hazen Koraka, aka the Suppercomputer, was determined to secure his rank as grand doctrineer and Void Marshal of the Imperium. He also gave a speech on lag gunning tactics, enlightening the Swarm with his mighty theorycraft.

Princess Aiko was truly amazed. She had known of Pandemic Horde’s sneaky gimmick of DDOS Lag Induced DPS Application (DDOSLIDPSA), but never considered the possibility of blending a lag gunner with a strong power gun fit. Fortunately, having served as a spy within Pandemic Horde, avia was well versed in their strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile, Princess Aiko continued to train the fleet dancers, incorporating her newfound understanding of lag gunning to create a TiDi ‘moonwalk’ effect.

With Aiko’s full attention, avia issued orders to the fleet.

avia once vowed to destroy Goonswarm within just four years, but was now prepared to crush both Pandemic Horde and TEST in just one week.

Inspired with foreknowledge of James 315’s impending fate, avia found himself contemplating the future, a galaxy without the guiding light of Halaima. Faster than a ‘lil bullet, Agent Anvil, aka 140, sped outward into the abyss. As he viewed the galaxy from afar, the stars began to blur together, indistinguishable and insignificant. From this perspective, he wondered if the war against Pandemic Horde even mattered. Although he had set out to exact revenge, he now found such petty human desires far beneath him.

Yes, avia was finally ascending. He realized now that he was far above the petty internecine squabbles of the null blocs, as he was himself a God, the God of Gods, standing tall above such lesser divinities as BoB and Doblauk the Goblok.

Master avia revealed unto Princess Aiko the ultimate supper power, by which an FC might harness the infinite army. He proclaimed himself to be queen of the rats, and proved his powers by casting a plague of Triglavians.

On a rehearsal break, Princess Aiko naturally wondered if she might herself become a rat queen. However, Master avia, aka Sun Tzu, warned that such powers were beyond a mere mortal, and feared Aiko might be consumed by lust.

Ah, and what of the double traitor Vily, who was even then plotting her betrayal of the Swarm. Could the dinosaurs defeat a rat queen?

To be continued…

13 thoughts on “The Best Revenge, Part 90”

  1. i tried to summon but its not working at all aiko didnt really explain the details can u do like a step by step guide for us im really wanting to rat queen like i think i could do it cuz i multibox titans and im ready for the next tier upgrade

  2. Yeah as i said aiko has only a few peices of the puzzle while i may know the most it is still going through expermintaition for example even the typ of rat changes the charactiristics of the inf army drasticly

  3. i prepared my fleet of balquals but it doesn’t seem to be working I need help aiva only someone with genius level intellect could figure how to do this

  4. The infinate army is as volitile as it is power full so just drop it already you wont get any further unless your willing to put a years worth of rnd into your selfthats how long its taken me to work how to control them with out using cheats or violating terms and conditions

  5. As to why im nkt telling you how to use it there are two reasons 1i know with out my data its impossible for some one to controll with out takeing years of research into it second if i did it would start a cold war situation

  6. but I wanna be a queen

    i tried the wreaking ballqual skank trap weave through the asteroids power gunning DDOSLIDPSA lag gunning old guard technique but i only got 4 rats 🙁

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