Previously, in James 315 Space… Warrior McQueen lost his beloved Mackinaw, and a bunch of fancy implants. This really sucked, but he was delighted to learn that everything would be promptly returned, after one easy installment of 100 million isk. Also, there was a 30 40 70 million isk shipping fee.

After several payments, Warrior was ready to get his stuff.

Unfortunately, griefers are ruining the game.

Fortunately, Warrior’s friends were willing to help.

Unfortunately, there was a problem.

Was Warrior trying to scam Alleil?

Warrior was ready for his new Mackinaw!

Unfortunately, he was also an isk cheater.

To be continued…







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  1. Alt 00

    This is a despicable attempt at scamming an honest and respected EVE player.

    So-called ‘Warrior’ Mqueen should be ashamed of lying to Princess Aiko, especially when she was going out of her way to help him after the loss of his ship.

    Carebears are liars, and must be destroyed. Lets hope that Code gains the upper hand here, and that justice prevails.

  2. anonymous gankr

    Natural Selection working as intended in EvE.

    Our rl condition could be cured if we tried to live by the same rules. . .

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