Deal Storm, Part 7

Deal Storm, Part 1

Previously, in James 315 Space… Warrior McQueen lost his Mackinaw, and promptly ordered another one for 100 million isk. He also needed to pay 30 million isk, plus 10 million isk, plus 30 million. Afterward, he needed to pay 30 million, but he only had 4 million. Where would he find another 26 million?

Some people say that Princess Aiko is evil, in real-life. However, Aiko waited patiently, giving Warrior time to fundraise.

Warrior sniffled, and his miner brain began to whir.

That little wench already charged 30 40 70 million for delivery. So why was he being asked to pay Whadda Badasaz?

Well, that explains it! Typical space Wobblies…

Warrior was fed up with hidden charges, but the fee was non-refunable. Get it?

He gradually scraped together enough cash to pay the fee.

Warrior paid in full, and there was just one last thing…

It’s just a 30 million isk processing fee. That’s actually a discounted rate.

Oh wait, it looks like there has been some kind of misunderstanding.

Warrior had a question.

Can you guess the answer?

To be continued…








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