I am PermaBanned

Princess Aiko, much like James 315, is a permabanned hero of the CODE. In her moment of immortal Ascendance, she went out with a bang, dunking on a hapless Venture in Raussinen. As the official Grover Cleveland of the New Order, her reign as Queen Regent has been brief, yet she flares brilliantly like a butterfly in heat.

If you read the dodgy memoirs of grumpy old bureaucrats, Princess Aiko was always a spoiled brat, who merely slept her way to the top. However, those who undocked during the Great War of Extirpation, will often describe her as a brilliant strategess. They also recall blueberry muffins, with soothing cups of chamomile tea.

Aiko’s path to immortality began on a windy Wednesday in 2017, when Sirtech Silicore was arrested by the Gate Tax Collection Agency.

Sirtech slumbered for more than three years, until he finally decided to once again become a new returning player, stealing some ore from Princess Aiko.

Like two slinky cats, Aiko and Kalomira hissed at each other.

Only a GrandMaster could resolve their bitter dispute over mining rights.

Alas, Aiko blasted the wrong Venture.

Kalomira had powerful alts in Highsec.

Felicia Dey is a pillar of the mining community.

When asked for a lossmail, she linked an old MinerBumping post.

It was definitely the same bot…

Innostunut Sonni > miner, please calm down
Magalaus Shardani > im assuming Felicia Dey is british and refering to cigarettes
Zaenis Desef > maybe
Felicia Dey > No you are a bunch of cum guzzling faggots
Zaenis Desef > ALL HAIL Aiko Danuja!
Zopiclone > Thats right
Felicia Dey > Id kick er in cunt\

…with the exact same sentiments.

It really doesn’t like the CODE.

Princess Aiko tried to be diplomatic.

However, Felicia knows an experienced space lawyer.

Another alt’s alt was ready to take down our Princess.

This was no joke.


Poor Aiko is going to prison, in real-life.


CCP lawyers would never defend our Saviourette.

Aiko tried desperately to plead her case.

Unfortunately, she could not hide her true nature.

At 11:00, the permaban hit Aiko like a freight train.

All we have now are fond memories.

Perhaps, like Grover Cleveland, Our Lady of Agil will return again…

The Best Revenge, Part 84

The Best Revenge, Part 1

Listening to: Smooth Jazz for Grownups

Previously on James315.Space… aiva naali, aka His Excellency Supremo the High Lord Grand Generalissimo, has long been the strategic mastermind behind Pandemic Horde’s crushing defeat. As the archmaester of Goonswarm, our ‘lil bullet is determined to achieve maximum efficiency within the Grand Armadee.

Agent Anvil gives the orders, and Princess Aiko executes his will.

A mere woman, the Princess is a loyal servant, but sometimes she interprets the orders a little too literally. She is still learning how to do her job.

The Mittani himself, as you may recall, had to personally intervene in order to ensure she was properly transmitting orders. When Mittens asked why lanceing fleet was moving so slowly, her answer left a lot to be desired.

The entire offensive ground to a leisurely halt.

Fortunately, there was some good news.

Just then, disaster struck!

The imperial suppercomputer had seen better days.

Via his cellphone, quantum informed High Command that he would need a little time, before he could return to the battlespace.

Meanwhile, there were other pressing issues.

Princess Cupcake urged quantum to save humanity.

Was this the end of quantum’s best revenge??? Would Pandemic Horde survive to fight again? Was the end of the world nigh at hand?????

To be continued…

BONUS: CCP Rise has drawn a CODE. police skin for the Atron!