A Few Questions

Why do we do it?

Sometimes, it takes a while for the miner to wake up.

AGBee 001 was busy ganking freighters, but she could spare a moment.

The Wayfarrer had finally found his way.

Without a doubt, Agent 001 is one of the best.

The price was most reasonable.

It wasn’t a hard decision.

CODE. compliance is easy.

Another satisfied customer!

Congrats miner!


BONUS: Fortuna Avarice Cash has promised to stop antiganking!


DOUBLE BONUS:I love these boys.



One thought on “A Few Questions”

  1. “Why do we do it?”

    In the beginning I did it for sport, damn the permits, I was enjoying watching miners go boom. Soon, however, I could see the need for a properly licensed and regulated industry, so I began to do it to help save hisec.

    But then I met the miners, and the so-called “white knights” (what a load of shit) and after a few years of witnessing the toxicity of the carebears, I realized that I should be doing it to punish shitters, to help save the soul of EvE itself.

    Now I do it just to watch hisec cowards cry, like the shardani-loving bitches they are.


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