Thirty Five Percent

It’s hard being a miner.

However, mill3nialfalcon was proud to lose his CCP fit retriever.

Likewise, Fin Enarah is happy with pay to lose gaming.

Fin has been playing for a decade, but roleplays as a nub.

I’m glad he died.

Thanks to the December buff, I needed seven accounts to destroy his unfit vessel.

As a Highsec cheerleader, it’s my job to condemn mining buffs. CCP should stop catering to carebear whiners, and barges should not be tougher than combat cruisers. Why are Caracals weaker than Covetors? Why are Hulks stronger than Gilas?


I’ve examined the December buff, comparing the period from September 1 to December 1 (91 days), with the period from December 20 to March 21 (91 days).


Hulks were dying at a rate of 16.8 per day, which increased to 18.4. The top four hulk killers were me, me, me and me. Now, the top five hulk killers are me, me, me, me, and me.  More hulks are dying, but I need more accounts. These changes disadvantaged lesser gankers, so my share of Hulkageddon increased from 8.5 to 17 percent.


I am also the top mackinaw killer in the game. Mackinaws were dying at a rate of 10.9 per day, which increased to 13.6. My share of Mackageddon increased from 11.7 to 19.6 percent. Amazing. Nice job Aiko!


Skiffs were dying at a rate of 10.7 per day, but this declined to 6.9… 


Procurers and skiffs were nerfed, along with rorquals, so miners switched to mackinaws and retrievers. Overall, fewer miners are dying.

What if we restrict our analysis to Highsec?

Highsec ganking has declined by 35%, even though I am ganking more. Solo gankers cannot realistically kill hulks, mackinaws, or even retrievers. Shouldn’t it be possible for Guybertini to kill a barge, without a battlecruiser? Come on…

Suitonia is on my pink list, after a snarky comment about how these changes will benefit “griefers”, because miners will fit bling. He also said some utter bullshit about miners not being AFK. Look, I can forgive Mike Azariah for his ignorance, since he doesn’t even play the game, but Suitona knows better. There’s no incentive to hunt ORE miners, when they have a 50% chance to drop, will be instantly scooped by an MTU, and it costs more than a hundred and fifty million isk to (maybe) kill the target. There’s no balance, whatsoever, and I’ve seen hordes of ORE mackinaws.

I’m the number one mackinaw hunter in the game – and it’s not worth it. I’m not going to do it, and neither are you. So, mackinaws are overpowered, with free reign to suck. What does that mean for the economy?

That’s exactly what I predicted, Mike. The value of white glaze is down 35%. Coincidentally, that’s the same percentage that Highsec ganking has declined. Moon ores are also declining. For example, Coesite is down thirty-five percent (a familiar number). It’s almost like nobody is able to gank those mackinaws.

Is this good for the game? I don’t think so, and miners agree with me.

rathian is a certified Mackiminer, and he gets it.

Oversupply encourages declining prices, with less isk/hr for miners. Buffs allow bots and AFK miners to thrive, competing against active human players. Every human should want Highsec gankers to kill bots, but due to recent changes, we can’t. Consequently, active players are being replaced with bots and passive AFK farmers.

EvE Online needs a dangerous Highsec.

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  1. Stop making sense, please.

    This is the second blog post I’ve seen in which we are in complete agreement. If this keeps up, I am going to have to just concede and join the alliance. Not only is ganking essential to a thriving economy it generates content for everyone involved. I personally don’t give two wet farts about the market and just sleep on my horde of collected ore like a fuckin’ dragon. But, making ganking costlier just throws the whole content ecosystem out of balance.

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