Doidn That Braking

That ended poorly.

On Day 4, Andres M Afanador reflected on these events.

What are we even talking about?

Oh right, now I remember.

That’s right.

Andres finally admitted he’s a miner, and never tough.

I wen t so salty, cuz some people enjoy mining.

Andres, I’m sorry – you deserve a free mine on me.


Unfortunately, Andres still blames me for his failed mining.

Indeed, doidn that omg brake CODE.

Andres was neither the first, nor the last.

Miyammato Musashi is another loosely affiliated mining alt.

CODE. jump freighters are often salty.

No, your random mining alts are not automatically blue.

I don’t know what you are talking about.

That’s when things got weird.


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