Not A Miner

Miners often lie.

They pretend they don’t mine.

For example, miner Dragon Glider.

Another not a miner?

Dragon was perplexed by her citation.

A New Order mining permit?

Do mission Hulks need mining permits?

Dragon had a few concerns.

Do Hulks have mining lasers?

Sure looks like a miner!

I provided a free legal conslutation.

I love to help miners!

Lookin good!


Crazy Cat, Part 2

Back by popular demand, Crazy Cat!

What a miner…

Cat just wanted an appologuy.

Protip: There is a proper size for screenshots.

Rants can be endless.

However, screenshots should be less than 400 pixels in width.

Here’s a nifty chart.

Meanwhile, Catalina denied PvPv.

Everybody just wanted Cat to calm down.

Why was Cat ganked?

Hm, now there’s a thought…

Will she ever learn to enjoy EvE Online?

Finally, the court reached a verdict.

Cat is guilty as charged.

The end.

I said, the end.

I said… THE END.


However, Cat had more to say.