Tricky TrickyNicky

Listening to: It’s Too Late

TrickyNicky was a real trickster.

I’ve heard allegations of stream sniping and illegal EULA violating Highsec PvP. However, nobody stream sniped Nick. Absolutely not. Although he was streaming, nobody was watching his stream for any kind of intel or ingame advantage. In fact, believe it or not, but we can actually find you with (or without) combat probes. For real. No cap.

Secondly, as you watch the video, you can see Nick was AFK. In fact, he was busy on a video call, showing off his electric shapes and his shades. Indeed, when I entered local, Nick wasn’t in the same room as his computer! Can you imagine playing any other game, and your opponents aren’t even there? What kind of game is that? Hello?

We must recognize the truth. Miners covet ice and ore, but they refuse to follow basic safety protocols. As dedicated content providers, it is our duty to make EvE Online challenging and interesting, so they decide to actually try and pay attention. They might call us griefers, and threaten to ban us, kill us, rape us, and report us. However, we must do our part to help them stay awake. Remember, this is a game.

We had a quick chat.

Aiko Danuja > If everyone mined all day, then the ore wouldn’t have any value. So when you think about it like that, ganking is good for miners.
TrickyNicky > your not wrong on the ganking
TrickyNicky > tipping my cap = o7
Aiko Danuja > I’ll allow it.

He told me a little about himself.

TrickyNicky > im going to give you my resume
Aiko Danuja > Very well.
TrickyNicky > my main is mining, i have a mackinaw and hulk for ore and ice mining, im about within a month or 2 away from a ship that can do ore and ice compression. (all depends what comes first)
Aiko Danuja > I see.

He also explained his revenge plot.

TrickyNicky > im a numbers guy, I am more in favor by reporting Sargon Of Amerish for stream sniping
TrickyNicky > either way i have caught Sargon Of Amerish for stream sniping. but i would like to put diferrentices aside for future employment.

I sure hope he calms down.

Aiko Danuja > You were reported by an anonymous informant who noticed you did not have a mining permit.
TrickyNicky > thats a “3rd party in game permit” with controversal stream sniping. which in the end is a war…. do we want that???
Aiko Danuja > I should hope not.

Nick left me with an ominous warning.

I asked my mom to review the gank.

Don’t worry mom, I’ll save the miners.

Thanks for the memories (and augmented mining drones).

… I’m holding on to this scram
Got your shields ten percent down
And I’m hearing what you say
But I just don’t even care

… You tell me that you need ore
Then you go AFK, and oh wait
You tell me that you’re sorry
Didn’t think I’d warp in and say

… That it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
Too late, oh

… I’d take another security hit, just let it fall
To take a shot at you
But that’s nothing new, yeah yeah

… I loved you with neutrons, flashing red
And you say it’s just not fair
CCP let you think it was safe
But you should be afraid

… It’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late, whoa

Mad Maddi

Maddi was not off to a good start.

It was depressing.

However, this wasn’t the end…

Maddi Rush > im gonna go slit my wrists again
Maddi Rush > come kill me in real life please
Maddi Rush > i dont have the courage
Maddi Rush > i need help just kill me in real life
Apo Bong > Please don’t talk like that, it’s not funny
Maddi Rush > man this isnt a joke

It went on and on…

Maddi Rush > omg im new i was literally going to sell all of that bc im trying to learn i cant even start a new char bc the start missions r already done fk me
Apo Bong > Your story the last time was a bit different
Maddi Rush > [REDACTED] ave toronto ont canada plz kill me
Maddi Rush > plz some here actually come kill me
Maddi Rush > i gave my real address
Maddi Rush > google it its real plz come
Sargon Of Amerish > i live in isanamo
Maddi Rush > ill pay for ur plane ticket
Maddi Rush > u can kill me quick and do whatever with my body ik ppl r sickos with women
Maddi Rush > is anyone actually on the way ive unlocked my door come on in

It’s a bit much, don’t you think?

Maddi Rush > why cant i just help ppl
Maddi Rush > thats actually what i do
Maddi Rush > i help new ppl
Maddi Rush > u are why ppl like me quit and then new ppl dont want to play bc no one helps them
Maddi Rush > like i dont want tot help myself in real life i just want to die and i cant figure out a way im such a coward
Maddi Rush > i havent gone to the store in weeks…. im hoping i die of starvation in my sleep but then i can barely move and im just stuck infront of computer
Maddi Rush > apo is the reason maddi rush killled herself in game and it will be glorious way to die… and i will take these pills and drift off watching the space

Ok, that’s enough of that…

Maddi Rush > im going to kill myself now
Maddi Rush > watch it on the news on CP24 toronto
Maddi Rush > so what u guys want to talk about these last moments
Maddi Rush > my mom drugged me with meds to get blood tested that sell actually then sold the meds to the nieghbours for months
Maddi Rush > i was gonna do a stratios build and finally be apart of the gang
Maddi Rush > goodbye

Fortunately, Maddi finally got that dream Stratios…

…followed by a dreamy Vindi…

I sure hope Maddi is feeling better…

EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Amarr
Roan Pico > Courier Kor-Azor – Amarr route: Amarr >> Neesher (927 m³) Nare >> Neesher (150000 m³) Neesher >> Amarr (2245 m³)
Neijas > You seem to have very special needs Maddi Rush
Maddi Rush > say that to me directly and watch what happens
Neijas > How do I say it to you more directly?
Neijas > Seems like you’re having some intellectual challenges
Maddi Rush > seem like u are the one projecting something there
Maddi Rush > keyboard warrior over here lol
NoLSolid > Kill: Maddi Rush (Stratios)
Maddi Rush > yea i was afk
Contracting Alt13 > Jita >> Amarr (1034 m³)
Contracting Alt13 > Maddi Rush haul this and shut up
Jno Aubrey > Alternatively, you could just biomass yourself
Maddi Rush > u just told me to kill myself enjoy that ban
Neijas > Oh no! Please take everything personal after you gaslight all of Amarr
TorJansleep > HyperNet offer: Hel Cheapest HyperNet offer: Hel 6.88b HyperNet offer: Wyvern 137m */512


Why Were You Antiganking?

Many people enjoy EvE Online, which is all about mining to relax and helping miners stay safe. However, a handful of wannabe griefers have dedicated themselves to “antiganking”, desperately trying to prevent other people from playing the game. I am perplexed. Why would anyone waste fifteen years of their real-life, failing to stop someone else from playing a video game? Would you join a Minecraft server, and waste your time protecting someone else’s diamonds, even though everyone on the server has more diamonds than they could ever care about?

I do not understand why anyone would do this. It’s like, if someone decides to “protect” nullsec rorquals, so they pretend to save the rorquals, whilst being made fun of by both the rorquals and the people who hunt rorquals. Meanwhile, the rorquals are literally paying rent in real-life to the people who kill rorquals, and thanking their killers for providing an enjoyable escape room experience. This leaves the antiganker as an outsider, watching from the sidelines as other people have fun.

However, this analogy doesn’t do justice to the meaningless “content” of antiganking. In nullsec, sleepy rorquals have mere minutes to organize a defense blob, whereas Highsec minerblobs are protected by an automatic invincible NPC defense fleet. So the antiganker might theoretically have utility in nullsec, tethered to a response blob, but why waste your time protecting a ship which is already protected by bots?

Do antigankers aspire to become bots? I don’t know, but the thought alarms me. Are antigankers the kind of people who might try to compete with the traffic light, resisting the machines by holding up red and green circles along the side of the road? Fortunately, most antigankers are just roleplayers, popping into the forums to pretend they care, but secretly acknowledging that they would rather play Bannerbear. However, a few gobloks are actually trying their best, even though they fail continuously for years and years. What motivates this obsessive behaviour?

I would like to hear from the antigankers, and learn why you waste so much time pretending to play a game that you obviously don’t enjoy. What is your antiganking origin story? Did you get ganked in your retriever, and fifteen years later you still vow revenge against people who no longer play the game? Are you just a scaredy cat, hiding behind invincible NPCs? Are you salty because other people are having fun, and you are just all alone in a fleet of you and that one guy who is really boring and kinda not fun? Are you always blazed out of your mind, orbiting a gate and hoping a ganker comes along to give your life a sense of meaning and purpose? Feel free to chime in with your pitiful story.

Tapestry of Tears, RELOADED

The legacy of James 315 lives on.

In times of change, the fit will adapt.

Reload the Tapestry of Tears and see for yourself!

Don’t forget the sequels.

Legacy of Lahnius

The Rising Star

Don’t forget the prequels.

Sins of a Solar Spymaster

Crazy Like a Foxbolt

The Search for Anti-Ganking

That’s right.

That’s right!



German Tears

EvE Online is often described as “submarines in space”.

Let’s see what Germans have to say.

What have you informal speaking gesaid?

Making the highsec gankers a little harder I know PvP is part of it, but could you make it a little harder for the highsec gankers? 6-8 catas with t2 weapons against a hulk has very little to do with being balanced. Is just an asshole behavior. Have already seen how 4 Coercer a Gila worth 1 billion. Dismantled ISK before Concord came. 50 million VS 1 billion. Something is going terribly wrong. I guess that’s also the reason why so many newcomers quit and the game has an average of only 20,000 players (including multi-boxers) online. e.g. No T2 weapons/ammo/modules in T1 ships Prevent the reset of the Concord.

It’s not fair when carebears pay to win, and then some ARSCHLOCH wants to PvP in a PvP game. It’s bad enough that PvP is even allowed, but it’s beyond ridiculous that gankers are allowed to dismantle isk. Also, T2 guns have no place on a T1 destroyer. CCPLEEZ!!!!!

Griefing freighters in a video game? NEIN!!!!!

Ganking freighters in real-life? JAWOHL!!!!!