Seek Help

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If you are planning to kill yourself, dial 911 (999, 110, or 112).

If you are thinking about suicide, dial 1-800-273-8255.

If your suicidal thoughts involve isk or PLEX, dial 1-800-BETS-OFF.

If you are threatening to kill another gamer, call 1-800-799-7233.

In some cases, people may react with unhealthy behaviors in a situation that seems disproportionate. Many people find it challenging to admit they are angry. Contact a therapist today, and learn how to calm down!

If you are encouraging someone to commit suicide, call 1-800-225-5324.

If you are also intoxicated, call 1-800-356-9996.

This is EvE Online, not BDSM Online (unless you allow it).

Bailey 2 Madullier > I must say, this opperation you’re running here is incredibly cringe
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > Hit me with more of that sweet zoomer lingo

Apparently, zoomers want everybody dead.

Wo bruh lik ur podzizzle wuz lik mt ite.

We are trying to sell permits, this is not a therapy clinic.

What a typical miner.

Seriously, seek help.

I mean, seriously.

Like, for realz yo.

Just calm down.

Anyways, good chat.

Come on man, don’t do that.

I need to see a therapist myself…

Like wtf…

Ok buddy. *eyeroll*

Oh, there’s more negging?

Cheerzah brav!

Over the Top

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=Trigger Warning: This is EvE Online=

Yesterday’s post was over the top.

It’s normal.

Str8taGEM is a real gem.

He wasn’t even raped ganked.

I don’t want to kill myself!

Please don’t make me kill myself.

Ok, let’s look.

Oh, absolute trash…

Not in my Highsedc…

Look, if you are a c-licker, call me.

Boy, he got double podded, and Heydiedled.

Don’t make me kill myself, please!

We are suicide gankers, not suicide miners.

Omg, another one?

See what I have to put up with?

Well, at least I met someone.

…and that’s the news from Highsec.

Pop make money
You know I win
I got drive
I don’t need new fame
Paint the town red
Foot to the metal
Called your bluff
Fame ain’t something I need
Money ain’t what I fiend for
I said what I said
Cite the source
I don’t care
I’ll take a whole lot
My happiness is all of your misery
I am so much fun
My love and energy
Can’t talk no shit
I have magical foresight
Give me the chance and I go there


FlipDuces FlipsOut

Thanks Goon director! Welcome to my humble blog…

FlipDuces lost a pod.

He vowed to stand against cyberbullies in EvE Online.

It’s his pod, and he’ll cry if he wants to.

You would cry too, if it happened to you!

IRL mass shooter FlipDuces is not scared of guns.

This is why I play EvE Online.

Are all miners cannibals?

I sure love candy.

Will FlipDuces ever find revenge?

Or will he just circlejerk himself forever?

What a nice merch miner.

Tee Ka Gets PKd, Part 8

Tee Ka Gets PKd, Part 1

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Tee Ka realized that EvE Online is a PvP game.

His new friends were ready to play.

He began spying on the gankers.

When the time came, he vowed to fight stand up.

Bumper Cultural Center soon found Tee Ka in Elonaya.

However, the rebel fled in disgrace.

The next day, I found Tee Ka in Aakari.

It’s a small galaxy.

As always, Tee Ka had a lot to say.

To be continued…

Yria is Syria, Part 1

Listening to: Every Rose Has Its Thorn


Aiko watchers may remember the Audaerne Free Trade Zone, which evicted Silent Company and exiled them to Ronne.

Ikarus remembers…

All screenshots below from actual SICO interactions!

Silent Company is a pestilence upon Highsec, sucking new players into a mining trap. Newbros are soon bored to death with endless moon mining and scummy buybacks. Who will save them?

As a woman, in real-life and in EvE Online, I’m used to disgustingly inappropriate comments from incel miners. However, Silent Company has always struck me as particularly misogynistic.

Look, here’s the facts….

My boyfriend appreciates all the nice things I do for him, and when you try to shame me, he PLEXes all my accounts and his accounts and his friend’s accounts and even our mom’s accounts.

I’ve read what Silent Company has to say.

Their CEO, Ikarus Cesaille, claims “zero tolerance” for sexism, racism, and all those other isms. However, that’s just narcissistic whitewashing, as he attempts to weasel himself from the consequences of what his members have said and done.

Silent Company keeps it real classy, ya kno?

CCP knows I abide by the EULA.

I even got a GM commendation.

As a capsuleer in good standing, I am allowed to destroy you.

Excuse me, but my bra size is personal and private. I know my pictures are floating around, but you need to calm down.

Imagine, my surprise, when I realized this little group of toxic incels migrated from Ronne to Yria.

Apparently, Ikarus didn’t get the message.

Some things never change.

Oh, you do? You like that?

I think I’ll stick around.

Silent Company, I say to you…

I’ve heard you, I feel you, and I have decided upon a response.

To be continued…

Tee Ka Gets PkD (yet again), Part 5

Tee Ka Gets Pkd, Part 1

Previously, Tee Ka got Pkd, again and again…

His self-proclaimed antiganking career was not going well.

For some reason, he suddenly left my Highsec miner’s guild.

Then he doubled down on antiganking rhetoric.

He was downright hostile.

This went on for quite awhile.

He didn’t like the answer.

Once again, Tee Ka vowed to greet us on the gates.

He eventually found a soapbox in Kamio.

To be continued…

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 46

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 1

Previously, on some blog…

Kalorne and Tweeps defeated Mission Ready Mining.

Before Silent Company and Absolute Order, there was Fly Fearless.

Even today, the alliance boasts thousands of uninstalled new players.

In April 2017, they fled Gelhan, migrating to sunny Uemisaisen.

Mission ‘Ready’ miners were not happy to see Kalorndo.

Next door to Isanamo, Uemisaisen is a safe space for mining.

The miners were praying for CCP intervention.

Otherwise, a fleet of Machariels would permabump their miners.

To be continued…

Mission Ready Mining, Reloaded

Listening to: Hazards

Fly Fearless alliance should be afraid.

They are not mission ready.

They are barely able to compose a coherent sentence.

However, miners are still men of a sort.

You know how men are…

I’m mission ready sexy.

The Devil only wants one thing.

This sexy talk concerned my IRL boyfriend.

So naturally Devilishh was sent to miner’s prison.

Meanwhile, Tweeps decided it was time to have the talk.

Uh oh.

It is what it is.

To be continued…

That’s right.

Tee Ka Gets PkD, Part 4

Tee Ka Gets PkD, Part 1

Previously, on AikoBomp

Tee Ka became an antiganker.

Then he invited me to mine with him?

However, I’m not a miner.

This would imperil our friendship.


The poor little guy got gunked on (yet again).

So Tee Ka cried at his best friend, Piper.

He urged her to betray Aiko!

To be continued…