Happy to Help

My Why Was I Ganked? channel offers this form.

We just want to understand.

Miners dutifully itemize their losses to the hundredth isk, which has a ‘value’ of less than one hundred millionth of a penny.

They love to describe their experience.

Let’s hear their stories.

They are having a rough time.

The gankgriefers are cheating!

Some miners want 50 billion isk to replace their Hulk.

They were wrongly ganked.

Some miners are dissatisfied.

They are frightened.

In some cases, they want compensation for ships we didn’t destroy.

They often claim they weren’t even mining…

Does that look like a mining barge to you?

I sure hope someone can help these miners.

One miner thought it would be a good idea to hide his permit.

I hope they don’t quit the game, or the internet, or life…

Regardless, I wish them luck on their travels!

I’m just glad I could help.

Heh, even Kiara filled out the form.

We can talk about her tomorrow.





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