What is happening?

What is this vanity blog? What does it mean, in the big picture? Eons from now, when EVE Online is just a quantum reverberation in some xeno telescope, how will my blog be classified in the grande schema of the metaverse?

I think about this sometimes daily, and know that I could never measure up to James 315’s regal narrative of the New Order’s early history. Unlike James, I actually have to undock, or those miners are gonna get away.

Some people think I hold this against James, but he loves me forever and ever, so I can do or say whatever I want and I’ll have his full support, always!

Don’t let Arrendis scam you.

She hates James with a passion, and she’s mortified to realize the CODE. has survived. Such miners used to yearn for James to leave, but now they wish he would come back. Simply by existing, I fulfill the prophecy of Newe Halaima. Quite simply, I ensure that the story of James is a beginning, rather than an end.

I am the heroin of Highsec, pulsing through the crystallized veins of New Eden.

I’m just a vapid little girl, but I’m also a Princess, and my word is law.

Recently, I was allowed to join Goonswarm. I have a standing invitation from Merkelchen, with a vouch from Brisc. That’s right, on top of all their other concerns, PAPI remnants also need to worry about Aiko’s gold-plated Avatar.

I even got a medal, with the explicit consent of the Mittani .

So really, this blog is just a spontaneous celebration of all things Aiko.

Recently, I did a personal favor for Tau AD and the good men of Snuffed Out.

They rewarded me with a pedestal made of pure salt.

I’m truly an inspiration to the galaxy.

Undock, and seize the day!

I’ll see you at the statue!

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