2 Busy

I’m too busy for this.

Discord is the worst. Please use EVEmail.

Lol! However, do kindly note that a non-transparent opaque background, with larger character images is definitely preferred.

This is good stuff, I’ll try to preserve it for future generations.

The problem with Discord is that it provides a continual stream, but it’s not manageable. The nice thing about Evemail, is I can use it as an “inbox”, and then delete stuff into an “outbox”. Alas, the kids these days sure love their Discord. 

James 315 doesn’t want to wade through fifteen Discord channels, searching for your moment of glory, but I’ll do it when I find time. Maybe.

I might not notice you for a month, or more.

If you post in Discord, it’s probably gone forever.

That sucks.

It’s good stuff though.

Regardless, Discord is trash.

What am I supposed to do with that?

Some idiots literally spam their own content straight off my screen.

I can’t even read that.


I know there’s great content out there.

I don’t have time to search for it.


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