Sexy Miner

Sky Ikkala got ganked in high security Amarr.

She is a newbro four year old permapleb.

Sky moonlights as an internet prostitute.

You can check out her private pics for a hidden fee.

I have no idea what’s down that rabbit hole.

However, I did admire a free sample of Japreet’s ample AI bobs.

If I was still a lezzi, I’d upvote this synthetic cutie.

That’s way too small for a blog – right?

Better, but blurry… Maybe try a larger font? Eh?

Veteran miner Gamblich1 had a question for gankers.

However, beautiful Sky didn’t want an answer.

Our Bollybomb diva was angry, lmao!

Sexy Sky was not calm.

Nevermind, sultry Sky was super ‘not’ salty.

She posed her own seductive question.

She was well qualified to conslut on mental conditions.

Meanwhile, she threw Chinese miners under the bus.

Ooo, that bot does look tasty.

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