Bait Freighter

I am live blogging the Why Was I Ganked? channel.

Kethiera Imanin lost a freighter, and she’s not mad.

She’s a space lawyer.

Someone made a serious mistake…

…and there are going to be consequences.

It was actually a bait freighter.

She tricked us all.

Now we are getting reported.

We are in big trouble.

Kethiera is a big fish, and she’s reporting to bigger fish.

What will we do?

Watch out gankers…

Don’t fall for a bait freighter!

*****LIVE UPDATE*****

Kethiera is famous now.

She loves her soapbox.

What a goofus.


CHAT LETS GO (pop off)

My alliance is doing well.

You love my -10 stats.

Lately, I’ve been expanding.

Highsec gankers are doing better than nullsec titanbears.

We are a top tier alliance.

Some people are salty about our success.

The wraiths are hungry.

Never go full Ward.

You’ll look stupid (and salty)!

Some people gank Orcas, and some people are Bingo cards.

It must suck to know I have no life, and can play EVE every day. 

If you are gonna trash talk me, make sure not to trash talk yourself.


Viirilithizu always knows how to cheer me up.

Previously, Ward wanted killmails…

Now, he doesn’t want them!

Does Ward sound like a salty meme to you?

I wonder if he will stop ranting?

I wish I knew how to do real PvP.

Thanks for helping me write a blog post.

Stay in touch!

I’m glad you are content.

Seriously though…

Meltdowns are forever.


I have my doubts!

Game Over

Miners need attention.

They are usually poor sports.

Crabs aren’t the smartest, even in real-life.

They are rarely calm.

Carebears are slow learners…

…but they are learning.

I’m Princess Aiko.

I’m so elite.

Who’s your mommy?

That’s right.

fu princess

evan mclean (aka not Kalle) has a special message for yours truly.

I am the greatest capsuleer.

Someday, they will make an Aiko statue.

loyalanon said he’s proud of me, bro.

I’m just the best.

Everyone agrees.

Only plebs get unironically salty with me.

Some people are idiots.

Everybody else knows the truth.


Boris Goes Bananas, Part 3

Boris Goes Bananas, Part 1

Previously, in EVE Online… a miner died (thrice).

Boris was dismayed, because his lesbian aunt is a Highsec ganker.

These are actual screenshots of EVE Online gameplay.

Like many miners, Boris doesn’t care about mining.

Losers just love to explain how they still don’t care.

I’m happy to listen.

I am Aiko, Princess of the Forest…

…and Slut of Copenhagen.

I look forward to hearing from you.

What a game…

We will get to Paradise – and you will all just die!

Boris sure trolled me.

I’m a scary girl!

Boris Goes Bananas, Part 2

Previously, in James 315 Space… Boris lost another Retriever.


Aveve needs to learn how to take clear screenshots.

Doesn’t that look better?

Regardless, this is good stuff.

In EVE Online, Boris roleplays as a Christian miner.

He is persecuted, by homosexual terrorists.

Someday, if he can afford a boat, he will fight the dog fuckers.

I don’t want Boris to get banned. I find this entertaining!

Boris, you crazy Russian!

To be continued…

Boris Goes Bananas

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Boris does not tolerate fools, or bad prostates.

He knows this is a video game.

Unfortunately, Boris lost three barges, in outer space.

In a game like EVE Online, this is a blunder.

Boris was about to get serious.

To be continued…


Yesterday, we stared into the abyss.

Was this the end of the galaxy?

Novus Ordo antigankers tried to report gankers for pulling, but the EVE community came together and defended our Highsec traditions.

All is well!

We celebrated by exploit dunking in Uedama.

Here’s a video!

In other news, an Orca had a Safety incident.

Safety inspectors are investigating.

Let’s examine the SRP request.

Ah, I found the problem…

You were trying to run your own business.

Safety first, always!

The end of zoriad

zoriad had a little problem.

His spaceship was melted, by neutron radiation.

It was a special ship, with a special purpose.

Unfortunately, he broke the law.

zoriad was dead, and it was his own fault.

Like most miners, zoriad denied his true mining nature, and insisted that he was just practicing with an exploration industrial.

Now it was time to quit the game, forever.

Like most miners, zoriad is dying of cancer.

It had taken a full month to build his ship.

Now he could never expore again.

Goodbye zoriad.

Novus Plebo

I’ve heard that I am to blame for the collapse of CODE.

However, James 315 knows the truth. I wrote him sincerely, explaining the problem and the solution. I tried to save the alliance, but he wanted to move on, and he wanted us to move on. I’ve also heard that I “stole” his legacy, as if this blog is just an elaborate scam, and those who support me are confused.

My critics hail from another alliance, from a backwards whiteknight dimension, where the CODE. logo is not orange… but blue. They praise their version of James, a boring gankbear named Hrothgar, who doesn’t even write a blog. Hrothgar left the New Order, but still craves the fame and the legacy. He uses the CODE. logo like a blue module, which he plagiarized to maximize his isk/hr.

Let me be quite clear. I left the CODE. alliance, because I saw no future in the alliance without James. In contrast, Hrothgar saw no future with James. His axis of autism is composed of salty former fans, who left CODE. before James quit blogging. They deleted their mining permits, and renounced James. Oh yes, they did.

I was recently checking for mining permits, when I stumbled across a counterfeit. Oh sure, it looks legitimate, but it doesn’t even mention Aiko (or James). James loved me so much, that he wrote about my beauty and grace, but he forgot to mention either of us in the mining permit? Puh-leez. This is just a forgery.

Aiko Danuja > Why are you pretending to be CODE, with a blue James logo?
Darkside Tickler > you mention all these names…james…ets
Darkside Tickler > but i have no idea who that is

Aiko Danuja > Yeh, exactly…

Whadda was disgusted.

What kind of New Order agent would sell a permit for just 10 million isk, as if it’s some worthless piece of cheap trash?

Do you want proof that I’m the heiress to James 315?

Without a word from me, my alt’s alt can delete your fake permit, and sell the miner a permit that’s three times more valuable.

This is why James left me in charge, not you.