Good Luck!

The CODE. always wins. Always!

A year ago, with CODE. permanently banned from the alliance tournament, and the tournament indefinitely cancelled, many doubted that CODE. would win yet another alliance tournament. Today, although CODE. remains a dead alliance, there is a probability that CODE. will win the next tournament. I can’t speak for Kadesh Priestess or the New Order Outreach Division, but some dots connect themselves.

Here is James 315′s interpretation of CCP’s decision.

I’m just a lowly gankerette, so I don’t have any meaningful insight into the tournament. Frankly, I came to EVE because arena PvP is boring. However, I must acknowledge a fact. The New Order Outreach Division, aka the king asked me to guard the mountain, aka Goryn Clade, aka Karmafeet, aka HYDRA RELOADED, aka Warlords of the Deep, aka This Game is Terrible, aka The Camel Empire, is doing a great job.

Meanwhile, I will remain in Highsec.

There’s just something special about this place.



Oh dear…

Miners are coming for us.

Why are they so angry?

Will they ever calm down?

They appear particularly vexed with me.

I must be doing something right!

I hope Aiko steals my balls,

and CONCORD puts it deep in her Danuja ass.

P.S. I’m busy.

Stay SAFE!


Some people don’t like me.

Some do.

Either way, I get a lot of attention from the boys.

I make them soo excited.

Here’s a little secret.

I like to kill miners.

That turns me on.

Stay SAFE!


Hey there!

I’m so hot right now.

Word is getting around.

I’m one of the greatest capsuleers, ever.

EVE is dying, and that means I’m going straight to the top.

Right now, I’m smugging on two decades of failed losers.

I’m going to kill all the miners.

My friends are going to help.

When CCP goes bankrupt, I’ll be #1.

I know exactly what carebears need.

It’s gonna be fun!

That’s right!

Bee well!

A Day With Aiko

As a businesswoman, I do well, by doing great.

Let’s spend a day with Aiko.

First, I check in with VIP clientele.

Then I inspect the miner’s gulag.

Everything looks good!

What’s the news on Reddit?

How are the boys on Twitch?

Oh look, it’s time for foreign diplomacy.

Ok, press conference!

Now, let’s get down to business.

An intriguing offer, but no business permit?

First things first! Always!

I’m doing great!



Sargon made another video! I look good in black!

He also translated the CODE. into Gallente!


June 22

Yesterday was the anniversary of an important moment in CODE. history.

It was on that day, one year ago, that Super Perforator made the asinine decision to squabble with Alt 00. That was dumb, although it worked out well for me.

Alt had written a nice email, suggesting that the purpose of the alliance was to euthanize miners, and warned that some individuals (unnamed) were undermining that effort with carebear roleplay. I wonder who?

In response, Super wrote a lot of mails, declining to attend James 315‘s funeral.

Although James politely ignored Super, the wayward gankbear took this as a sign, that James wanted the alliance to be a roleplay guild. This led to the August intervention in Discord, where Loyalanon, Globby, and Tweeps found common cause in their disdain. It was here that Loyalanon famously said, “We need Aiko on this big CODE. dick. Am I right, boyos?” I was truly flattered, and the succession crisis was over.


Lazar us (aka Coach Subway) continues to entertain with salty plebbery.

It is a mystery, why he streams daily, and then always regret his decision. Fortunately, there has been a committed effort to preserve the historical record. I enjoyed Episode 4! Of course, Lazar us has vowed to file an international justice lawsuit, to remove his public content from the public domain. Good luck!

I recently made an appearance on Twitch, where Coach confronted me.

He doesn’t like women.

He’s in love with Evan.

He doesn’t like that I’ve dunked on him repeatedly.

He began to cry, irl.

He began to curse.

He continued to cry.

He was feeling emotional.

He is running out of money.

Eventually, James came to my rescue. My hero!

It was a fun time!


Sometimes, miners are AFK.

Sometimes, they are semi-AFK.

Are they ever not AFK?

Sometimes, they are in the bathroom.

Or, they are outside.

Sometimes, they are pleasuring themselves.

Or, they are doing mindless medical ‘research’.

Sometimes, they are playing dress up.

Or, they are at work.

Basically, they just aren’t paying attention.

It’s our duty to euthanize them.

The Wormhole

I’m the most honest person in EVE Online.

The truth is right here, always!

It’s not hard to understand.

I like money.

I just can’t help it.

I want more.

I need it so bad.

Give me all your money.


Honestly, I like Xack. No cap. He’s a cool guy, and a great pilot…

…however, I don’t sell wormholes.

Or do I?

To be continued…

Welcome to the Drunk Zone


I <3 Uedama.

You see the most amazing sights here.

Ever since we evacuated Delve, we’ve been in the Drunk Zone.

That’s right! We needed Safety.

Uedama is real Delve.

It’s a strategic location.

This is where we get you.

See ya there!



Miners just want someone to talk with.

New players are often shocked to realize that, unlike PUBG or CoD, they can actually have a conversation with the people who are killing them.

When they realize they got beat by a girl, this often leads to an awkward moment, as it’s the first time they’ve ever actually spoken to a young lady.

I offer every new player a free isk triple.

It’s a pivotal moment in their space adventure, choosing to send their small pittance to me, instead of buying a new Venture.

I am so glad they are content.

I love helping newbros.

They all deserve a little attention.

Why do you think I do it?

It’s simple.

I’m a content creator.